In Germany, advocated the withdrawal of nuclear power plants from the reserve in connection with the energy crisis

MOSCOW, 19 Sep — PRIME. In Germany, a return to operation of nuclear power plants is necessary due to the energy crisis, despite the position of the coalition government of the country on their reserve status, Finance Minister Christian Lindner said on Monday.

The media reported on the threat of child poverty in Germany

“We have to get to the root of the problem: we have a huge increase in electricity prices. Including due to insufficient production capacity in the electricity market. We are talking about coal-fired plants, but they are not connected to the grid. We are talking about a reserve status for nuclear energy “, but it is still unclear. We must ask ourselves whether it is generally appropriate in the current situation to refuse even one kilowatt per hour of electricity. Our call to coalition partners is to do everything to provide the country with electricity,” he said during a press conference after a meeting of the presidium of the Free Democratic Party, which is part of the ruling coalition.

According to the head of the German Ministry of Finance, turning off the lighting of buildings to save electricity is not a situation in which it is worth abandoning the operation of any of the power plants.

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Lindner stressed that the German authorities should not abandon reliable and environmentally friendly nuclear power plants in the face of an electricity and energy crisis.

Earlier, the German Ministry of Economy issued a statement on the standby operation of nuclear power plants in the country. It was originally planned that Germany would abandon nuclear energy in 2022. At the beginning of the year, three of the last six nuclear power plants were already shut down in the country. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has repeatedly said that the issue of prolonging the operation of the remaining nuclear power plants is being studied against the backdrop of a possible energy collapse this and next winter. Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert Habek, who belongs to the Green Party, has spoken out against the continued use of nuclear power plants for electricity generation.

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