In Romania, they admitted that they could not save some companies from the crisis

CHISINAU, Sep 14 – PRIME. The Romanian government intends to support enterprises with subsidies during the energy crisis, but will choose priority sectors, Deputy Prime Minister Keleen Hunor said.

France plans to limit the rise in gas and electricity prices

“There are certain areas that cannot be saved only by subsidies from the state, for example, the petrochemical industry, probably, cannot be supported at the moment at the expense of the state budget. We will not be able to save the entire industry and all segments of the economy, and this must be said,” Hunor said in an interview with Digi 24.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the authorities give priority to small and medium-sized enterprises, the food industry, agriculture and the construction industry.

“Only for subsidies that will be provided to domestic and foreign consumers, we will probably exceed 40 billion lei (8.3 billion dollars – ed.) by the end of the cold period. There will also be compensation for firewood,” Hunor added.

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The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the need to introduce a price ceiling for Russian gas. At the end of August, she announced that the European Commission is working on prompt and long-term measures to improve the situation against the backdrop of rising electricity prices in the EU, which mainly depend on the cost of blue fuel. The Council of Energy Ministers of the EU instructed the European Commission to prepare a project for the introduction of a gas price ceiling by October.

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