How to Increase Hashrate HD 5870 Mining: Overclocking | Consumption| Motherboard

How to ‘increase/ Max/ Boost/ Optimize/ Tune’ Hashrate Radeon HD 5870 Mining mining  Increase Hashrate Radeon HD 5870 Mining: Overclocking | Consumption| Motherboard – In 2009, AMD released a new gaming graphics card that was ahead of its time and fully supported Microsoft DirectX 11 technologies. The ATI RV870 chip was used as the basis, which received the name Cypress instead of the code.

Specifications of the AMD HD 5870

Appearance AMD HD 5870

HD 5870 received improved performance compared to previous models. The table below shows the main characteristics of the AMD Radeon HD 5870:

 HD 5870
Chip area in mm2334
Process technology, nm40
Transistors, billion units2.15
Core frequency in MHz850
Memory frequency in MHz (QDR)4800
texture blocks80
shader processes1600
Memory size in MB1024
Supported APIsDirectX 11
Eyefinity SupportThere is
Specifications of the AMD HD 5870

Compared to previous models in the series, there are several differences. Among them:

  • increased chip area;
  • high memory frequency;
  • double the number of shader-type processes compared to previous versions;
  • DirectX 11 support.

The main features of the video card were Eyefinity support and an increase in the number of texture units up to 80.

At the time of its release, the HD 5870 was the flagship of the market, which had improved performance and could be considered the first product aimed at the gaming market. Most indicators cannot be considered completely obsolete so far.

Noise and heat

Compared to most single-chip counterparts, the video card has increased power consumption, which is associated with the need to provide the required level of graphics and performance. These indicators significantly affect the need for additional energy.

Video card heating:

  • at idle and the minimum number of revolutions, that is, 20% of the possible graphic type processor, the temperature level rises to 40 degrees. Accordingly, for revolutions of 50 and 100%, the temperature will be 32 and 31 degrees;
  • when the 3D mode is running and the processor is loaded at 75%, taking into account the minimum turnover number, the temperature will be 91 degrees;
  • at speeds in the same mode of 30, 50, 100%, the temperature regime will be reduced to 75, 58, 53 degrees;
  • if the GPU load reaches 95%, and the turbine speed is only 30%, then the temperature will be kept within 74 degrees.

There is a decrease in the frequency of the GPU to the level of 157 MHz and the memory to 300 MHz in the presence of idle time at nominal frequencies of 850 and 120 MHz.

Unlike previous versions of video cards from the manufacturer AMD, the heating performance has been improved, including due to a more advanced cooling system. But at the maximum load, this is still not enough. The increase in energy consumption, combined with a large number of processes and a single chip, led to an increase in heating. Another feature will be the small size of the air ejection point at the slot plug. This leads to the fact that part of the heated air enters directly into the PC case.

The noise level of the video card is not much different from analogues presented by other manufacturers, but for its category it is increased. When the processor is fully loaded, the noise figures will be about 54.7 dB, which is a rather large value that corresponds to working household appliances. When idle, the noise level drops below 25 dB.

Suitable accessories and optimal assembly

Appearance Radeon HD5870

The HD 5870 video card from AMD is considered the best solution for PCs when choosing among single-chip products. When choosing it, you need to take into account compatibility with various components.

Which processor is suitable

The video card works with both Intel and AMD processors. Most of its inputs have a standard look, which allows it to be used with almost any type of processor. But there is one condition. For full-fledged action and disclosure of potential, it is recommended to take a processor with a margin, that is, you should not use early models.

If you choose from supported models, then the Phenom II series is considered the best choice for a video card. But you can fully unleash the potential on Phenom II X6 and higher. These processors were produced in the same period as the HD 5870 itself.

From modern models, it is better to look at processors from Intel i3 or i5 of the eighth to ninth generations.

What power supply do you need

Since the video card has an increased power consumption, then it will need an appropriate power supply. From indicators of energy consumption in idle time at 27 W and at a load of 188 W, a dependence is established on ensuring full-fledged operation using a power supply unit of 500 W or more.

With an unloaded video card, 400 W is enough, but this will not be enough for full-fledged work.

An additional point will be that the unit has one 6-pin connector, as well as an increase in the required power when connected to CrossFir up to 600 W and more.

Which motherboard is compatible

The Radeon HD 5870 is compatible with all motherboards that have a PCI-E 2.0 slot. There are no restrictions on accessories. The only important point is the mandatory requirement for the motherboard to support DDR-3 memory.

For the full functioning of the video card, it is recommended to select powerful motherboards that can provide all processes when the video card is fully loaded.

Optimal gaming build

Building a PC with an HD5870 graphics card

For the Radeon HD 5870, if you need to assemble a gaming PC, it is recommended to choose the most powerful components:

  • 8th Gen Core i3, i5, or i7 processor or later;
  • Power supply from 500 watts with a 6-pin connector;
  • Motherboard with DDR-3 memory support and PCI-E 2.0 slot.

The video card was released a long time ago. This allows you to pick up a large number of components for it, including in the cheap segment. The choice depends only on the wishes of the buyer. In order for a gaming computer to pull out all modern games, you will need to use modern hardware, which in most cases is compatible with a single-chip video card from AMD.

Gaming Performance Tests

Radeon HD 5870 has support for Microsoft DirectX 11, which makes it suitable for playing modern PC games.

Far Cry 2 has one peculiarity in the form of video memory bandwidth impact on gaming performance. It also depends on the power of the GPU. With an increase in the frequency of video memory by 30%, we get an FPS increase of 9. If we increase the frequency of the GPU by 20%, we get an increase of 7%.

The video card has good FPS at medium and low settings.

Most games have a general dependency on the quality of the hardware. It is it and the general capabilities of the PC that affect the FPS, that is, without good components, the HD 5870 will not pull out modern games, and with a normal assembly it will function well when running modern games.

Drivers for Radeon HD 5870

For the video card, it is recommended to use the drivers that are created by the manufacturer. You can update or download them through the official website.

After searching for the driver for the video card, download the file and save it. Next, we move on to installing the drivers. We select the location of the downloaded file and start the update process from it.

All processes are similar to installing any drivers for video cards. The only feature will be the recommendation to use drivers from the manufacturer, since the Radeon HD 5870 was released a long time ago.

Power consumption and overclocking of the video card

The Radeon HD 5870 uses 188W of power under load and 27W when idle. This is a fairly significant value, which is due to the fact that the video card has a significant operating potential with only 1 chip. It also affects the need for powerful power supplies of 500 W or more.

One of the features of the video card is considered difficult overclocking. But if necessary, it can be overclocked to 1300 MHz, which exceeds the set parameter by about one and a half times.

It is important to consider that when two video cards are soldered, comfortable overclocking is possible, which helps to play all modern games at maximum graphics.


The Radeon HD 5870 was originally designed for gaming and visualization. It is not suitable for complex computational operations. This is what limits its mining capabilities. The model gives out about 23 Mh/s.

In most situations, it is used only in conjunction with other video cards.

Video review and tests of the AMD Radeon HD 5870 video card

Released in 2009, the Radeon HD 5870 video card became one of the discoveries not only of computer technology, but also of the gaming world. Now it remains one of the best options for games from single-chip video cards. The only problem will be low FPS at high settings when playing most of the games released. But this problem can be solved by combining two video cards.

It should be borne in mind that the video card was originally created for video games and good graphics, so it is better not to use it for complex computing processes or the need to work in heavy programs.