Instagram already allows you to add photos from your computer

Instagram will require your date of birth.  Otherwise, he will lock the account

After all, Instagram will not limit us only to a smartphone when it comes to adding photos or videos. We will be able to do it from the computer.

Instagram browser gains more functions

So far, using Instagram on a computer has been very difficult. We did not have many functionalities in this version that were available in the mobile application. Fortunately, thanks to the novelty introduced, it becomes more and more useful. It is possible to comment, use the messenger, edit profile information or add hearts.

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The most important and newest change, however, concerns the basic function, i.e. the ability to insert photos and videos. The whole process is basically the same as on the phone. We can choose filters, proportions, add a few photos and make basic editing. This is good news for any user who was frustrated by having to switch between devices when they wanted to use the feature Instagram was made for.

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Some may already be able to use it, but others will have to wait a while. The update is implemented on the server side.