Intel Alder Lake, jako procesory Pentium Gold 6400 i Celeron G5900

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Latest information provided by @momomo_us indicate that the premieres of Pentium Gold and Celeron processors, using the potential of the Intel Alder Lake family. Right, because the current Pentium Gold 6400 and Celeron G5900 are still based on the 10th generation Core, i.e. Comet Lake.

Here comes the Pentium Gold 6400 and Celeron G5900 with the foundations of the Intel Alder Lake architecture

Pentium Gold and Celeron processors very, very much need a refresh and while it might seem that Intel will do this using the Rocket Lake foundations, apparently in their case it will reach for the Alder Lake architecture. This is indicated by the specification mentioned by the leak with premature offers in an undefined store, revealing the price of the processors, which allegedly reaches 400 and 325 PLN (1: 1).

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The upcoming Pentium Gold G7400 and Celeron G6900 appear to be the direct successors to the Pentium Gold 6400 and Celeron G5900 currently available for purchase. The leak itself only mentions compatibility with the FC-LGA16a socket, base clock (3.7 and 3.4 GHz respectively) and L3 memory (6 and 4 MB), but does not reveal the number of cores.

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However, it is easy to guess that there will be “two per” Performance Core based on the Golden Cove architecture. The Pentium Gold G7400 probably activates Hyper-Threading in them, and the Celeron G5900 will use 2 cores and 2 threads. The issue of the premiere remains unknown, but it will most likely take place in early 2022.