Intel and AMD to announce new products at CES 2022

AMD Instinct MI100 GPU x
AMD Instinct MI100 GPU

Well, we have here the long-awaited event where the largest companies show their news, and as they could not miss Intel and AMD will announce new products in the CES 2022.

CES is just around the corner, and the excitement is building! Intel and AMD to announce new products at CES 2022 alongside more than 1800 exhibiting companies, with more being added every day, and hundreds of thought leaders from around the world are ready to show you how technology has never been more important in our lives.

Key industry audiences are also showing strong engagement: 189 from the fortune global 500, 76 from Interbrand 100, 64 from top retailers, top US and global media outlets, and attendees from 159 countries are already registered.

On the part of the red company, AMD is expected to present its Ryzen 6000H high-end notebook mics, which will be based on the 6nm Zen3 + microarchitecture, and for the first time, with RDNA2 IP graphics. It is rumored that they could also present their new Radeon RX 7000 graphics.

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As for the blue giant, Intel will introduce the 12th generation Core “Alder Lake-P” series of high-end notebook processors. They are also expected to announce the processors Low-end Alder Lake and a half and models of 600 chipset boards. We would also see the promising graphics cards for the first time Arc Alchemist.

Source: videocardz