Intel boasts with 14th generation Core processors. A milestone for Meteor Lake

AMD Athlon 3000G Review
AMD Athlon 3000G Review

In May Intel officially announcedthat the silicon chip of the Meteor Lake family has been taped-in. It meant that the project was simply finished and you can start producing ready-made chips for Intel Core 14th generation. Today we learned the consequence of this, as the company managed to power the computing board of its next-generation Meteor Lake processors for the first time.

Intel announced an important success in the production of Meteor Lake processors

Meteor Lake processors are to be created using Intel Foveros and Intel 4 technologies, i.e. 7nm of the Enhanced SuperFin technological process. Their core architecture is to be a hybrid of Redwood Cove and Next Mont, while maintaining a non-monolithic structure approach and the division into the two types of cores.

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Using the Intel 4 process, we created a matrix for Meteor Lake, and this quarter it went out of the factory and within 30 minutes booted up with exceptional performance, exactly as we expected

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger commented on this milestone for Meteor Lake.

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The premiere is supposed to take place in two years, i.e. in 2023, and according to all signs in the sky reflected on the surface at night joints lakes will be the last LGA1700 compatible chips to be followed by Lunar Lake-S.