Intel Core i5-10400F Processor: Overview (Special)| Overclocking | Benchmark | Specs

AMD Athlon 3000G Review
AMD Athlon 3000G Review

Intel Core i5-10400F Processor: Overview (Special)/ is it good for gaming / Benchmark/ Overclocking/ Specification (Specs) In 2019, we named the Core i5-9400F the best processor for a gaming system, and in 2020 it has a successor – the Core i5-10400F. The tenth generation CPU costs is under $200.00 more, but it has twice as many computational threads and a higher clock frequency. four hundred without a Comet Lake graphics core is a new golden mean from Intel. Perhaps a more balanced solution, if you not only play, but also work with large amounts of data, cannot be found on the market.

core i5-10400f box
Intel Core i5-10400F Processor

The processor being reviewed is “computer center” top class.

Once again, it is worth recalling that all stones The tenth generation Intel Core boasts the presence of Hyper-Threading technology. It is this fact that distinguishes the devices of the Comet Lake family from the products of past years. In this regard, it makes no sense to pay attention to the top modifications that appeared on the market one, two, three or four years ago if you are planning to build a PC right now.

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Judge for yourself, the Core i7-8700K can currently be purchased for 23,500 rubles, and the Core i5-9600KF for 14,000 rubles. The Core i5-10400F, which is better than any of the devices mentioned, is priced at 12,000 rubles. For the first time in a long time, Intel offers the user exactly what he wants (high performance for a reasonable price).

It is possible that AMD has influenced the situation, which has launched attractive Ryzen 3000 series CPUs on the market from all points of view. One way or another, today the user has the right to make an uncompromising choice in favor of a particular device.

THE BEST 10th GEN CPU? – Intel i5 10400F Review

THE BEST 10th GEN CPU? – Intel i5 10400F Review

The Intel Core i5-10400F is a 6-core processor with 12 processing threads (14 nm), compatible with Socket LGA 1200. It does not have an integrated graphics core (which had a positive effect on the selling price) and an unlocked multiplier (that is, it is unlikely to overclock will it succeed).

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The reviewed CPU supports dual-channel DDR4-2666 RAM (128 GB maximum), but we remind you, as usual, that there are no barriers to installing higher clocked modules in the system where the Core i5-10400F will live. The performance of your PC with a high-frequency kit will only increase (in our case, a set of the DDR4-3600 standard was used).

The Core i5-10400F has a 12 MB cache, the nominal clock speed of all six cores is 2900 MHz, in the auto-acceleration mode the figure reaches 4300 MHz.

Intel Core i5-10400F Processor: Specification (Specs)

The Core i5-10400F TDP is 65W, but the actual numbers are higher (74W according to the AI ​​Suite 3 monitoring program). About the heat dissipation of the observed stone worth discussing in more detail.

 Ryzen 5 3600XCore i5-10400FCore i7-8700KCore i5-9400F
Technical process7 nm14 nm14 nm14 nm
SocketAM4LGA 1200LGA 1151LGA 1151
Kernels / threads6/126/126/126/6
Clock frequency3800/4400 MHz2900/4300 MHz3700/4700 MHz2900/4100 MHz
L3 cache32 MB12 MB12 MB9 MB
TDP95 W65 W95 W65 W
Memory supportDDR4-3200, 2 channelsDDR4-2666, 2 channelsDDR4-2666, 2 channelsDDR4-2666, 2 channels
PCI-E version4.
Unlocked multiplierYesNotYesNot
Integrated graphicsNotNotIntel UHD Graphics 630Not
Intel Core i5-10400F Processor: Specification (Specs)

The Box version of the Core i5-10400F fell into our hands, that is, in addition to the processor itself, we also found a miniature cooler in the box. It consists of a tiny aluminum heatsink and a high-speed fan, and the base is nominally coated with thermal paste.

TDP Core i5-10400F – 65 W, but the real numbers are higher.

Fasteners standard – plastic pinswho do not like multiple mounting / dismantling cycles (after the next time they can simply break down). With this cooler, the Core i5-10400F heated up to 65 degrees in stress tests (on an open bench). The fan rotated at 2350 rpm. Unpleasant noise is heard clearly even in a closed system.

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In games, regular CO almost always operates at maximum speed. We advise you to think about purchasing even before installing the Core i5-10400F in your PC third party cooler to remove heat from this seemingly cold stone.

We used the budget ID-Cooling SE-913X, which is much quieter. boxing option. The specified CO did not allow the Core i5-10400F processor to heat up above 61 degrees (without damage to hearing).

Intel Core i5-10400F Processor: Test stand

Motherboard – ASUS Prime Z490-A
RAM – Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3600 (2×8 GB)
Video Card – ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080
Drive – GoodRam PX500 512 GB
Power Supply – ThunderX3 Plexus 700

Intel Core i5-10400F: Performance and test results

The Core i5-10400F has a fair amount of competition (both in price and technical terms). The most obvious list looks like this:

With the predecessor (Core i5-9400F) guest of today’s testing cracking down mercilessly. The difference is especially noticeable in rendering, where the benefit of the additional six threads is significant (take a look at the results in the Corona 1.3 benchmark, for example). This means that the Core i5-10400F is ideal not only for solving multimedia problems, but also for professional needs, where the Core i7 devices were previously more in demand.

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Please note that some applications are more love physical cores, not computational threads (which is why the 8-core Core i7-9700KF does some calculations faster than the Core i5-10400F with 12 threads).

In games, proc from an impressive amount lines There is no Core i5-10400F, for example, the maximum load of this CPU in Ghost Recon Wildlands does not exceed 45%. For modern gaming stone with 6 processing threads more than enough, against this background, the affordable Core i5-9400F again seems to be the best option.

The Core i5-10400F can be safely called a “people’s” processor.

The direct rival of the Core i5-10400F in the AMD camp is the Ryzen 5 3600 (or Ryzen 5 3600X). Which one is better if the budget allocated for the CPU does not exceed 12,000 rubles? The answer is very simple.

If most of the time you will be engaged in calculations, rendering, professional calculations and other work with data where required strength a large number of threads, it is better to give preference ryzen (actually, the conducted tests confirm this fact).

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If you plan to primarily play and run single-threaded programs, your stone – Core i5-10400F.

Intel Core i5-10400F Processor: Overclocking

Is it possible to somehow increase the nominal performance of the Core i5-10400F using BIOS settings. Unfortunately, it’s not easy. The maximum multiplier that can really be set in UEFI is x43. But after such maneuver you will not see an increase in power in real tasks (automation already overclocks one or another core within reasonable limits, depending on the load).

There is only one way out – to increase the value of BCLK. But we remember that the indicated tire extremely reluctant to respond to an increase in the cherished megahertz. If you are lucky with a motherboard that will start at least at 110-120 MHz (we are talking about the BCLK parameter), you can count on a slight increase in overall performance. But in our case, the miracle did not happen, even 108 MHz is an unstable indicator.

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Core i5-10400F can be safely called a “people’s” processor, more versatile and balanced stone hard to find not only tenth line Intel, but also among the modifications that came out earlier.

Core i5-10400F is ideal not only for solving multimedia problems, but also for professional needs.

For obvious reasons, Intel is phasing out many 8th generation CPUs, including the Core i7-8700K with exactly the same number of cores/threads (as the Core i5-10400F). They no longer make any sense, because they will not become cheaper, and in terms of performance they are worse than stones Comet Lake families.

Core i5-10400F gives the user something more than just high power in multimedia tasks (which include gaming). The processor in question is computer center top class.

Previously, only high-end solutions for enthusiasts and professionals could offer such performance, but now a CPU with 12 threads from Intel can really be purchased for $150-200. Recommended.

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