Intel Core i7-8086K isn’t all that special

Intel Core i7-8086K isn't all that special

Intel is increasingly abusing its authority. Initially hiding the details of the presentation of the 28-core processor for the HEDT platform, and now the tests, according to which the special anniversary Intel Core i7-8086K does not significantly exceed the i7-8700K.

From the very beginning of specific information about the Intel Core i7-8086K, something was wrong here. I am talking mainly about identical characteristics (cores, TDP, cache memory) compared to the i7-8700K. Intel, of course, did not admit it, but the fact that these are special, best-performing silicon cores that were to hit the laminate of the latter processor is very obvious and it suggests itself. So the main difference lies in the clocking of all cores (3,7 GHz vs 4 GHz) and better Turbo Boost mode.

The latest tests have shown, however, that this one is not so special, because it works better on the i7-8086K only with one core. The rest is the same as shown in the table above. So this is not something worth spending another $ 75 for, especially if we take a look at the possibilities of OC. It just so happens that the unique chip can reach its 7.23 GHz, but compared to a completely different select i7-8700K from almost 8 months ago, we are talking about a 7400 GHz clock. All this under similar conditions with the help of liquid nitrogen cooling.

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The goal of this post is simple – don’t buy Intel Core i7-8086K if you really care about performance. However, if you want to put something really unique into your PC, this processor was created especially for you.

Source: Guru3D, eteknix

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