Intel publishes a preview of the i9-12900KS, confirming that it will have 5.5GHz single-core and 5.2GHz multi-core boost

A few weeks ago some rumors came to light that spoke about the launch of an Intel Core i9-12900KS with 5.2GHz multi-core boost, and now Intel confirmed said rumor, also adding the information that it will have a 5.5GHz single-core boost, crazy for factory settings.

The 12th #IntelCore processors. Gen are topping the Best CPU charts and are widely available to gamers and enthusiasts. And we are not done yet. Next stop: Up to 5.5GHz.

The image revealed by Intel through Twitter shows a HWInfo window where we see that all its P cores reach a 5.2GHz boost, and also one core reaches 5.5GHz, as indicated in the text of the tweet. For comparison, the i9-12900K features 5.1GHz multi-core boost and 5.2GHz single-core boost, so the difference in multi-core won’t be that great, but it will be on single-core.

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High-performance cores aren’t the only ones getting boosts. The high-efficiency cores are also boosted from 3.9GHz to 4.0GHz, adding a bit more multi-core performance, so it will certainly be an interesting CPU for those looking for the best of the best.

A factor to take into account with this Core i9-12900KS will be its consumption. The standard i9-12900K draws around 300W and in some cases even more, so this factory overclocked model will exceed 300W with no problem. This will not only require a motherboard with good VRMs, but it will also require a good cooling system as it is not easy to dissipate so much heat.

Intel is expected to announce this i9-12900KS during its CES press conference tomorrow, and it will hit the market around March. We will keep you updated on the news, so stay tuned to HD Tecnología.

What do you think about the specifications of this Core i9-12900KS? Do you think this launch is justified?

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