Intel releases its Graphics Driver drivers with support for Intel Xe (Download)

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Intel releases its Graphics Driver drivers with support for Intel Xe

Just two weeks after your last graphics drivers, Intel launched his Graphics Driver, which continue to find the way to the future entry of the company in the market of dedicated graphics. These are thus the first graphics drivers for Intel Iris Xe solutions integrated into 11th Generation Intel Core processors (Tiger Lake), as well as being the first unified graphics drivers that support Intel Iris Xe graphics in addition to all previous generations of integrated graphics.

As expected, the graphics Intel Iris Xe receive numerous graphic improvements at the multimedia level (Copy & Paste at the end), while in gaming support is added to new releases such as Star Wars: Squadrons or the Rogue Company, although of course, thinking only of Intel Iris Xe graphics and future more powerful solutions. Additionally, it fixed the ‘crashes’ and intermittent freezes that the Resident Evil 3 run with an Intel Iris Plus iGPU from 10th Gen Intel Core CPUs.

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To resolve, the same crash and freeze issue but in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Vulkan API), Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint (DirectX 11), Horizon Zero Dawn (DX12), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (DirectX 12), Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (DirectX 11), plus minor graphic anomalies on PGA Tour 2K21, Battlefield V (DirectX 12), Rage 2 (Vulkan), Star Wars Battlefront 2 (DirectX 12), Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (DirectX 11).

You can download the Intel Graphics Driver from the following link (below the multimedia improvements):

New Features for Intel Iris Xe Graphics:

  • Media Enhancements
    • High Dynamic Range support
    • Dolby Vision with video encoding acceleration.
    • Decode Support for HEVC 12-bit 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 and VP9 12-bit 4:2:0, 4:4:4.
    • Support for 16K picture HEVC and VP9 video decode
    • HEVC and VP9 Decoder performance enhancements to support 4K60 4:4:4
    • 4K60 HEVC encoder performance improvements
    • HEVC and VP9 4:4:4 speed mode support
  • Sampler Feedback support
  • Graphics Profile Guided Optimization for Compute Shader SIMD
  • Intel Turbo Technology Power and Performance Enhancements
  • Display Enhancements
    • 5K LACE DPST enabled by default
    • Allow Adaptive sync panels to dynamically reduce panel RR to lowest possible RR or to media multiple RR (e.g. 48Hz) for idle/media playback scenarios to work alongside Panel Self Refresh
    • Additional power savings on battery when combining internal display with external displays.
    • 12 bits-per-channel support on single DisplayPort
    • LACE Improvement for Dark Content Treatment
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