Intel Vision 2022: all the announcements of the first day

AMD Instinct MI100 GPU x
AMD Instinct MI100 GPU

Intel Vision 2022: all the announcements of the first day

Vision 2022 is for Intel the first full-fledged post-pandemic event, organized to bring together partners, customers and the press to show what it wants to be the company’s vision for the products and technologies of the future. In the intentions of Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, this event will take place every six months and will in fact collect the legacy of what was the IDF, Intel Developer Forum, of the past years.

Intel is a rapidly changing company, for a variety of reasons. The market demands an unprecedented rate of innovation and an ability of companies to innovate, and this is obviously also required of Intel. For the American company, this is also accompanied by the need to get out of a phase of evident difficulties linked to the so-called “execution”that is the ability to respect the internal roadmaps that lead to the release of specific products in well-defined timelines.

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Since Pat Gelsinger’s return to the top of the company as the new CEO, a lot of work has been done and the American company has shown a renewed ability to keep that “execution” as the underlying objective of all projects. Intel today is a company called to operate effectively on all fronts, to respect the technological commitments of its public roadmaps and at the same time called to a titanic job linked to the expansion of production capacity, both for its own products and for those of third-party customers. .

Thinking of Intel as a classic “chip company”, that is a company that has its main business in the production of processors, we lose sight of what is the true soul of the company. The semiconductor market is in fact increasingly linked to the software ecosystem, without which interaction and dialogue between the various hardware platforms is not possible.. In the words of Raja Koduri, it is much more difficult for companies like Intel to develop software solutions than hardware ones and this taking into account that the American company has about 17,000 software developers within it.

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The dynamics that have arisen, on a global level, following the pandemic have put technological innovation and specifically the PC platform even more at the center.. For the first one, just think of how in the space of literally a week changes have taken place that on paper would have required a decade, such as the indispensable transition to smart and flexible work. For the second, it is sufficient to start from the consideration of how much the PC has become the reference platform in order to be operational in the long term, especially in comparison with smartphones: without a PC it would not have been possible to implement smart working in many areas. productive.

On the occasion of Intel Vision the American company has announced news for silicon, software and services, bringing together technologies and ecosystems under one roof with the aim of creating value for customers, today and in the future. Pat Gelsinger stated in this regard that “We are in the most dynamic global market we have ever known. The challenges facing organizations today are complex and interconnected, and success hinges on their ability to rapidly adopt and maximize state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure. Today we are excited to share how we are applying our resources, our reach and the magic of silicon, software and services to help customers and partners accelerate their digital transformation in this complex environment. “.

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Gaudi processors are used to educate higher-end artificial intelligence algorithms and are known for their ability to allow customers to educate more at lower cost. The Habana Gaudi2 and Greco AI accelerators they are built on a single software stack, Synapse AI, which easily supports multiple architectures, allowing end users to take advantage of processor performance and efficiency.


At the debut the early fourth generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor versionsnotes with the code name Sapphire Rapids. These are the first of many SKUs that will be available later in the year. 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer support for DDR5, PCIe Gen5 and CXL 1.1 and are equipped with new integrated accelerators that deliver up to 30x faster performance than the previous generation thanks to software and hardware optimizations for AI workloads. In high-performance computing, Intel Xeon processors, codenamed Sapphire Rapids, with high-bandwidth memory (HBM) will dramatically increase the memory bandwidth available to the processor, significantly boosting supercomputing.

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In partnership with Accenture, Intel kicked off a Project Apollo, a program that will provide enterprises with more than 30 kits of open source artificial intelligence solutions that are optimally designed to make it more accessible in on-premise, cloud and edge environments. The first Project Apollo kits will be released in the coming months.


Intel’s datacenter GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M (ATS-M), is the industry’s first discrete GPU with an AV1 hardware encoder. ATS-M is a versatile GPU with high transcoding performance aiming to achieve 150 trillion operations per second (TOPS). Developers will be able to design for ATS-M with ease thanks one open software stack via oneAPI. ATS-M will be available in two formats in more than 15 partner projects including Dell, Supermicro, Inspur and H3C. It will be launched in the third quarter of 2022.

Intel has unveiled the roadmap for IPUs which will extend through 2026, with new platforms based on FPGA + Intel (codenamed Hot Springs Canyon) and Mount Morgan (MMG) ASIC architecture, as well as new generation 800 GB products. IPUs are dedicated products with enhanced acceleration that takes into account the computing needs of the infrastructure to enable companies to run their businesses and resolve problems faster.

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To these announcements we must obviously also add those of the new processors 12th generation core of the HX serieswhich we have discussed in depth in this news.

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