InWin announces its Airforce and Explorer modular cases, perfect for LEGO fans

InWin never stops surprising us with the designs of its gaming cabinets. A few months ago the brand presented a cabinet with 2D games on one of its panels, and now it has announced some new models designed to be assembled by oneself. These are the Airforce ATX and Explorer Mini-ITX modular cabinets, which have an aesthetic very similar to that of the famous LEGO, and also assembling them surely reminds us a lot of our childhood.

AIRFORCE – Mid Tower Case | Gaming Chassis | InWin

The Airforce cabinet has a modular frame and 19 pieces that will allow you to build your cabinet to your liking. The cabinet is available in Justice White or Phantom Black varieties. There are parts that can be placed in more than one place, such as the fan mounts, so we can place the yellow mount on the front and the white on the top, or vice versa, customizing our cabinet to our liking. The same happens with some parts of the frame, allowing us to order the colors to our liking in the Justice White edition.

EXPLORER – Mini ITX Tower Case | Gaming Chassis | InWin

In the case of the mini-ITX Explorer model, it has a 10-piece modular design and is available in Bone White and Justice White varieties. Like the Airforce Modular Cabinet, it’s very easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools. Both models include dust vent filters, high performance fans LUNA AL120 to keep our computer components cool, and a front USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C port.

Although they are not actually built with Lego blocks, their color combinations and their design that requires assembly and allows parts to be exchanged certainly seem inspired by the Danish brand. The price of these cabinets goes up to 199 dollars, and without a doubt they are an excellent option for those who enjoy building their own computer, since now they will be able to build their own cabinet.

What do you think about these InWin modular cabinets? Would you like other companies to implement similar ideas?

Source: PCGamesN