Israel described the use of the F-35 against Iranian drones. It was the first such operation

American F-35 fighters fly over Poland in full stealth mode.  They send out a warning

A year ago, Israel used the F-35 against Iranian drones (UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Systems) and did not describe it in detail until this week.

In March 2021, the first use of the Israeli version of the F-35 against Iranian drones took place

According to official information, these two drones were intercepted before they could enter Israeli airspace. Such a reaction is not surprising, as Iran flew unmanned planes from Syria into Israel’s airspace in February 2018 and May 2021, which made the country’s military personnel on the alert for further attacks of this type.

In March 2021, the Iranian regime launched two UAVs towards Israel. These were successfully intercepted by the Israeli Air Force’s F-35i Adirs, and it was the world’s first operational UAV interception by an F-35i. The fighter demonstrated the ability to quickly and accurately detect, identify and engage a target.

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Details mention that the two flying drones were tracked by ground control units in collaboration with intelligence units. They were not very large, so their radar signature could be difficult to track them down, but the F-35 fighters reportedly coped with them without any problems, proving that their AN / APG-81 F-35 radar can detect threats at low altitude.

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