Israeli citizen accused of stealing cryptocurrency for $ 1.7 million

Israeli citizen accused of stealing cryptocurrency for $ 1.7 million

Tel Aviv resident Eliyahu Gigi (Eliyahu Gigi) is accused of stealing more than $ 1.7 million in various cryptocurrencies.

It is assumed that Gigi stole BTC, ETH and DASH from users from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Prosecutor Yeela Harel (Yeela Harel) filed relevant charges against Gigi, according to the report
Globes. Gigi is accused of various crimes, including theft, fraud and money laundering.

According to the report, the indictment Harel says that Gigi created a network of fraudulent websites to steal cryptocurrency using malicious programs. He is accused of using several methods to hide his tracks, including the use of remote servers and the transfer of stolen funds to various wallets.

Gigi and his brother were arrested in June. They were suspected of involvement in international phishing fraud, but the prosecutor’s office only charged Gigi. The police launched an investigation after receiving complaints that Gigi posted phishing links on the forums. With their help, he lures victims to a specially created site and steals credentials to seize users’ cryptocurrencies.

Recently in Israel were arrested
two suspects in the hacking of the Bitfinex exchange, and earlier the Israeli authorities accused
Afek Zard, a citizen named Afek Zard, is stealing Dash worth more than $ 9 million.