Jabra introduces four models of TWS headphones from the Elite series. The cheapest cost 249 PLN

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Under the slogan Reinvented, Jabra introduces four new models of TWS headphones from the Elite series. Among them are Jabra Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active, Elite 3 and Elite 2.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro with Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology

The main novelty in the Jabra Elite 7 Pro model is the Jabra MultiSensor Voice. In her opinion, there is a maximum improvement in the quality of conversations. It uses four built-in microphones, bone conduction technology and artificial intelligence algorithms. How it’s working? Let’s take a simple example. We conduct a conversation in a windy environment. In the beginning, headphones try to purify the sound using microphones and algorithms. If that is not enough, they will automatically switch to bone conduction, improving sound quality.

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The Jabra Elite 7 Pro stands out due to their dimensions. These are the smallest headphones in the company’s offer, which are 16% smaller than the Elite 75t model. The shape of the headphones is based on 62,000 scans of the inside of users’ ears, which is supposed to translate into more comfortable use. And I’m still waiting for the headphone manufacturers to come back to wings holding headphones in their ear …

6mm drivers are responsible for the sound, the housing of the headphones is waterproof, in accordance with the IP57 standard, there is also compatibility with voice assistants and active noise reduction (ANC, for which two additional microphones are responsible). On a single charge, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro can run for 9 hours (with ANC active) and up to 35 hours with the charging case. Already 5 minutes of charging should allow for an hour of use of the headphones. It is also worth adding that the Jabra Elite 7 Pro, like the Active model, to which we are about to go, allow you to use only one handset and charge the other at the same time, and they can also be connected to two devices at the same time.

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Jabra Elite 7 Active with Jabra ShakeGrip technology

Jabra calls it technology, but we are talking here about a special coating that at the same time makes the headphones more resistant to external factors and better keeps them moving during physical activity.

Jabra Elite 7 Active offer almost the same as the Elite 7 Pro model. In addition, we get a microphone mesh, which improves the quality of calls in a windy environment, as well as the sound quality itself better. Whatever it means in practice.

Jabra Elite 3 is a cheap proposition for people looking for headphones for music

While the Elite 7 headphones are equipment for everything – calls and music, the Elite 3 are dedicated mainly to listening to music. We read in the press release that is an excellent choice for people looking for rich sound, strong bass and clear sound of calls at a lower price level.

6mm drivers are responsible for the sound, we also have support for the aptX HD codec. There is no active noise reduction here, the reduction is passive and is based on the attenuation of the headphones themselves, but we have the HearThrough function available. On a single charge, the Jabra Elite 3 lasts for 7 hours and up to 28 with the charging case.

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Jabra Elite 2 are interesting, cheap headphones, but I don’t know if we should enjoy them

Jabra Elite 2 are headphones designed to provide good sound quality at the lowest possible price. They will appear only in selected emerging markets, let alone… poorer. Including in Poland. As they said in Wiadomości – the Germans envy us.

The headphones are well equipped. We have 6mm drivers, aptX codec support and a waterproof housing (IP55). Jabra Elite 2 from Jabra Elite 3 differ mainly in the shorter operating time. Up to 7 hours on a single charge and up to 21 hours with the charging case.

Pricing and availability of the new Jabra Elite headphones

From September 1, we will buy Jabra Elite 2 and Elite 3 in Poland. The first ones in dark gray (Dark Gray), navy blue (Navy), lilac (Lilac) and light beige (Light Beige) for 319 PLN. The second one in gray (Gray) or navy blue (Navy) for PLN 249.

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Jabra Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active will be purchased in Poland from October 1. The first for PLN 799 in black (Titanium Black), white and gold (Gold Belge) and … black (Black). The second for 699 PLN in navy blue (Navu), mint (Mint) and black (Black).

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