Jet quadcopter in the recording. How does AB6 JetQuad work?

Jetski boat ramp south Perth
Jetski boat ramp south Perth

The Texas company FusionFlight continues to develop its jet drones and so after the AB5 version it’s time for the improved AB6 JetQuad variant. It is nothing more than a jet quadcopter, which in place of traditional propellers has fully-fledged jet engines with microturbines.

At the moment, the AB6 JetQuad prototype is undergoing qualification tests, but it will be possible to buy it for $ 100,000 next year (in the summer). Application? Carrying out emergency drug or equipment deliveries, or long-range patrols. In addition, the engine’s resistance to temperatures means that the AB6 JetQuad can fly up to 11 km and can cope with unfavorable weather much better.

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The AB6 JetQuad jet quadcopter weighs 24 kg and 44 kg when fully refueled. It measures 1205 mm in length, 931 mm in width and 402 mm in height, and is powered by diesel, kerosene or jet fuel, the four engines provide a total thrust of 700 Newtons. Users can program the waypoints and let it fly automatically or remotely control the drone in real time up to a maximum range of 50km. With the addition of the SATCOM receiver, i.e. providing it with satellite communication, coverage ceases to be an obstacle.

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On the possible side, when a 20-liter tank is fully refueled, an 18 kg AB6 JetQuad can hover for 25 minutes or fly 15 minutes forward at maximum speed. According to the simulation, it reaches 402 km / h, and even 644 km / h with the addition of the aerodynamic packages.