Jogo smart insoles follow the actions of footballers from the very feet

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Best Captions for Selling Shoes 2022

The Kickstarter service is currently collecting the Jogo smart inserts for football players. Users, by embedding them in their shoes, not only ensure comfort, but also a system of accurate measurement of actions on the pitch.

There is a campaign on Kickstarter for Jogo smart inserts

Jogo footwear insoles were created by the Dutch start-up SportsTalentVision and consist of two main parts – the insoles themselves placed inside any pair of football boots and several waterproof sensors. The whole thing is completed by the application for iOS / Android, through which we get access to the collected data. Each sensor present in the insert records its data 1000 times per second, weighs 4 grams and should work up to 30 hours on a single charge with the included magnetic charger.

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The sensors are able to track average speed, acceleration / deceleration, touches of the ball, time spent on the ball, passes made and received, impact strength, pressure distribution between left and right leg, dribbling distance and total distance traveled. In other words, practical everything that footballers do on the pitch and finally this data goes to the smartphone application via Bluetooth.

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The price of Jogo smart insoles is currently on a promotional basis, because one pair can be purchased for 84 euros, which is 30% less than the planned retail price. Of course, if Jogo will ever go on sale, and they should, because the goal of financing is close, and when this is achieved, shipping will start in December.

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