LG has solved the problem of folding screens. “Harder than glass and flexible like plastic”

LG Chem has unveiled the latest fruit of its work in the form of the Real Folding Window. It is a new type of outer film that is harder than glass and flexible like plastic, and solves the biggest problem of folding screens. Their durability.

Real Folding Window from LG Chem supposedly solves the problem of folding screens

Probably everyone remembers the mishap that Samsung had with its Galaxy Fold at the beginning of 2019. The strength of its folding screen was then legendary, unfortunately in this negative sense. Then the company fixed its mistakes, delaying the premiere of the model for a few weeks, but now, after more than two years, the third generation of Galaxy Fold is doing great in terms of screen durability. However, there is always room for improvement.

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This is where the external Real Folding Window foil from LG Chem comes into play, which reached for an undefined new material with a thickness of several dozen micrometers. This is applied to both sides of the PET film and the fruit of this three-piece “sandwich” can then be used as a covering material for the flexible display panel of a foldable smartphone to ensure a long service life.

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According to the company, its product withstands more than 200,000 folding and unfolding operations, while also having a noticeable less bend at the hinge. All thanks to the fact that the LG Chem foil “maximizes flexibility while providing optimized solutions for folding phones.” However, this is not the final version of Real Folding Window, because now work is underway to eliminate the presence of the PET layer. Ultimately, this foil will go into mass production next year, so we should expect devices equipped with it in 2023.

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