Make notification messages appear on screen (preview)

Make notification messages appear on screen (preview)
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As of Android 5 «Lollipop» the «heads-up” O “floating notifications«, Which are nothing more than notifications that appear temporarily on the screen when a notification is generated, be it a message from WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, etc. That is, if your device has this Android system or a higher version, it should already come preconfigured with these on-screen prompts. But if this is not the case, there is a problem with these previews or you have a version of Android 4.4 or lower that does not have these notifications on the screen, you can install the application “Heads-Up” available for free on the Play Store, to force the appearance of this type of notifications.

Heads-Up: Previewing messages in floating ads

preview notifications on screen heads up 2 preview message heads up

heads-up notificaciones android l app 2

The Heads-Up app does just the same as the Android Lollipop notification system, in any version of Android, be it ancient or modern. You just have to install the application, open it and activate it (you must go to the Android Accessibility Services and activate the respective Heads-up box, something that is done from the application itself) so that your messages or notifications appear on the screen as shown. see in the pictures above.

set heads up notifications on screen 1 set heads up notifications on screen 2 set heads up notifications on screen 3

Basically, every time you have a new notification, at the top of the screen it will be displayed in the form of floating rectangle. From there you can quickly view, manage and discard it.

heads up app filter heads up no molestar

In the Heads-up settings you can define which applications will receive notifications and which ones will not (App filter). Additionally, you can define the notification priority, marking in the respective boxes which are the notifications that will be shown above others. It should be clarified here that this floating notification system only displays one notification on the screen at a time.

Finally, in Heads-up you can also configure the time a notification is displayed (default 15 seconds), as well as decide show notifications on lock screen (the screen turns on and the floating notification is displayed on the lockscreen).

heads up ajustes

Heads-up is available for free on Google Play and works for devices with Android 4.0 or higher. Upon its release, the developer stated that it was already working on incorporating reply SMS functionality from floating notification, so it should be available now. Unfortunately, this reply option is not available for WhatsApp messages, mail, and possibly other applications.

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