Make your own tokens with the Guarda wallet

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The Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam is in full swing. There are many speakers and crypto companies from all over the world present to talk about their new products. We are of course also present to report.

One of the most striking developments comes from Guarda. You can make ERC20 tokens yourself from their wallet.

Old plan taken out of the stable

Guarda Maria Carola marketing manager reveals the latest developments in the wallet. “Months ago we had a great plan to make tokens accessible to everyone. Not only to trade with, but to actually build them yourself. And that in a simple way. “

Amsterdam @Blockchain_Expo, @RAI_Amsterdam, booth # 88 – @GuardaWallet team is waiting for you ?
Drop by for a little chat on #cryptocurrencies and #blockchaintechnology.

– Guarda (@GuardaWallet) June 19, 2019

Token everything

“We believe in the allocation of products, savings plans and investments. Suppose an airline company wants to develop a savings plan for their customers, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Open the wallet, and click on generate tokens. “

The tokens have no monetary value until they are made available on a stock exchange. They represent value, but it depends entirely on the linked product. In the case of a savings plan for an airline, the discounts you get are of value.

Value on exchange

“Ultimately, you can also send the tokens to an exchange so that you can trade with them. And then the tokens get financial value, “says Carola. “But you can also think smaller, imagine you have a party and you rent a bar. All your guests can consume a maximum of three drinks. Create tokens and agree with the bar that only tokens are settled. “

Everyone needs the Guarda wallet, and you can only transfer one to one tokens. Carola says that they are working on a mass shipping system, so that with an action you can distribute all tokens over a large group of people

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