Malware was found in apps from the Galaxy Store

Android Spyware Detection App
Android Spyware Detection App

Despite numerous safeguards, you can still come across malware in app stores. It is no different in the case of the Galaxy Store, a platform with software belonging to Samsung.

Malware in the Galaxy Store

Although it is usually said about threats that lurk in Google Play despite security, other application stores are not free from them. According to Max Weinbach Android Police, the Showbox application present in the Galaxy Store and several of its clones infects the device of the user who inadvertently downloaded them. At least 5 such malicious programs have been found, but there may be even more. Weinbach notes that Showbox-based applications trigger a Google Play Protect warning when turned on, which is protection against the risks of installing applications from unknown sources.

The website conducted an appropriate investigation, detecting that these applications are capable of dynamic code detection. For the user, this means that on their own they may not be dangerous (directly), but they are able to download malware from outside. The purpose of such programs is, of course, to steal money and sensitive data. While Showbox is no longer active, cybersecurity experts have warned against similar applications that use its example. Be careful and verify the programs you download.