Manage your movies and series with “Your Google List” + Tips and Tricks

Manage your movies and series with “Your Google List”

Applications and services with which manage everything you’ve seen and want to see, talking about movies and series, but also documentaries and television shows of any kind, there are quite a few. However, for the system to work, you have to put more evidence than we are used to putting these things and perhaps “your Google list” will make it easier for you.

For example, if you are subscribed to more than one VOD service, the most likely thing is that you already have lists created in each of them, to which is added everything else that you find out there and that you would like to point to see it when you can, like movies that are still in theaters, but when they arrive at the VOD service on duty, you don’t even remember them. This, presumably, happens to all of us (it also happens to us that we probably write down more things than we can ever see, but that’s another story).

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Total, that when that moment comes when you ask yourself And what do i see now? It becomes one in which you may end up not seeing anything, if you go through the lists of one and another site, the news that they recommend, etc. This circumstance is called “decision fatigue” and you know exactly how it works: you spend so much time looking for what to see, that in the end you don’t see anything.

On the other hand, adding to all these lists a third application that does just that can be effective, but it requires, as we have already pointed out, constancy. The same happens with the Google function that we are going to talk about now, with one exception: almost certainly, you will be able to save installing a new application or opening an account in a new service, because you will already have your Google account and you will use your search engine assiduously.

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Tu lista de Google

Focusing on what has brought us here, “your Google list” is, as already mentioned, a function, a feature if you want, of the Google search engine. In fact, you have seen it many times, even if you have not noticed it. It is displayed on both PC and mobile and “Appears” when you search for a movie or series, in the additional information frame. Such that:

“Your Google List” in the current search

The vertical frame includes a lot of other information about the title you are looking for, such as the synopsis, the duration, the cast, etc., but with the fragment that is shown it is enough to capture the functionality that «your Google list» offers you : there you can mark if you have seen it already, if you liked it or not, and add it to «your Google list». Have you ever tried to do it?

If you click on “my list”, the content will be added to “your Google list”, while a short floating message will appear explaining that “to see your Google list, search for” my list “”, including a link that will take you to it. It is there, in your Google list, where you can review everything you add, when you want to see something and you don’t know what.

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The problem is that when you enter “my list” in Google, with or without the quotation marks, what you will find is not your Google list, but the search result. This happens because Google tells you to look for it in Spanish, when it has not translated the term. The search that will actually take you to your Google list is «my watchlist«, Again, with or without the quotation marks.

Tu lista de Google

“Your Google List” on PC

The recommendation that I make to you, if you want to test your Google list, is that you save a bookmark to access as quickly as possible and not have to write continuously my watchlist: this is the direct link.

One last thing: what is the use of liking or disliking a movie or series? Does it affect something to your Google list, or is it a mere ornament of the search engine? Well no and no, are the answers. However, if you use Android and you also have the Google Play Movies application installed, you will discover that it is used for more than just taking up space: it is the one that, depending on what you have put, will recommend some content or others.

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If Google Play Movies is not the protagonist of this post, it is because it does not depend on a specific application, as mentioned at the beginning. And because in the end it is much more intuitive to use the search engine than to open an application on purpose … Although that will be comfortable, I imagine.

However, there is a but to keep in mind: while in the mobile browser you can access your complete Google list, on the PC you will only see the last 14 titles you have added (modifying the date through the tools the search results vary, but it is a terrible way to manage it).

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