Manchester City players can be registered on the Ethereum blockchain

Manchester City players, registered on the blockchain in South Korea

Manchester City Football Club has announced a partnership with an online gaming startup called Superbloke. This is an online football game from South Korea that launched the “FC SUPERSTARS” dapp. Users can train and build their own digital version of Manchester City by collecting digital player cards using real match statistics and in-game training.

Manchester City players can be registered on the Ethereum blockchain and become digital collectible assets.

Dogecoin, more popular with merchants than Lightning Network

Although it seems slammed, the DOGE cryptocurrency seems to be more popular than the much-discussed Lightning network. The Cryptwerk website claims that over 600 merchants accept DOGE, compared to only 200 using the Lighning Network.

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The reason is that DOGE payments do not require complicated preparations such as opening channels on the LN, and the value of the transfers is not limited. Currently, there are 120 million DOGEs in circulation and they are trading at around 0.26 cents.

The Central Bank of Brazil adopts the IMF classification of cryptocurrencies

The Central Bank of Brazil has decided to classify cryptocurrencies as non-financial products, in accordance with the guidelines published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The cryptocurrencies traded will therefore be accounted for as commodities in the balance sheet of the central bank. As their purchase and sale involve the execution of contracts with international exchanges, cryptocurrencies thus become part of the export and import statistics. Given that Brazil is a net importer of crypto assets, this has apparently contributed to lowering the trade surplus in its balance sheet.

Brazilian analysts believe that recognizing cryptocurrencies as a property would make them eligible for use as a payment mechanism.

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The judge grants 50% of Bitcoin owned by Wright to Kleinman’s heirs

The judge in charge of the Kleinman trial decided that Craig Wright must give up 50% of Bitcoin held in favor of Kleinman’s heirs. The magistrate also granted them 50% of the intellectual property rights over the invention regarding Bitcoin held by Wright until December 31, 2013.

Ira Kleiman, the brother of Wright’s former partner, accused him of stealing funds in Bitcoin that the two obtained during the partnership. It’s about one million bitcoin mined between 2009 and 2011, which were apparently stored in a so-called “Tulip Trust”. Wright claimed he does not have access to these funds, but apparently the judge was not convinced.