Matrox co-founder buys full ownership in the company – promises new investments

The Canadian company Matrox is today best known for manufacturing graphics cards for workstations with a focus on image processing and video management. Once upon a time, however, the company was also active in the consumer market, with models such as the Matrox G400 and Parhelia series where the competition was against, among others, 3dfx Voodoo and Nvidia’s Riva TNT series.

However, it all lasted only until the middle of the 2000s, when the company refocused on narrow markets within corporate markets with, among other things, an early investment in connecting several screens. During the years that have passed, Matrox has also switched from using its own graphics circuits to using AMD-based variants. The company consists of three divisions, where image processing and video management for television broadcasts complement the graphics division.

This next phase represents a renewed commitment to our valued customers, suppliers, and business partners, as well as to our 700 dedicated employees worldwide. At Matrox, our culture is defined by our passion for technological innovation and product development. We maintain the highest degree of corporate responsibility vis-a-vis production quality and industry standards. I am extremely proud of our accomplishments over our 40-plus-year history and would like to thank my co-founder for his contributions

Lorne Trottier, who founded Matrox together with Branko Matić, now announces that he has bought out his former partner and that this marks the start of new investments for the company. However, the statement does not mention any expansion to previous business areas, so a return to graphics cards in the consumer market is in other words probably not to be expected.

Have you owned a Matrox graphics card, or do you have memories from the time when the company competed in the consumer market? Share in the comments!

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