Media: the European Union wants to limit the price of gas to 50 euros per megawatt-hour

MOSCOW, 7 Sep — PRIME. The EU wants to limit the price of gas from Russia to 50 euros per megawatt-hour, but consider this measure risky, Politico reports, citing European Commission documents that contain proposals to overcome the energy crisis.

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“The proposed gas price cap of €50 per megawatt-hour, less than a fifth of the current spot price, will take the form of an emergency bill,” the paper said. At the same time, such a step would be a gamble, the European Commission warns.

Laurence Boone, Secretary of State for European Affairs at the French Foreign Ministry, said that any new measures would be temporary: they could be introduced for six months and possibly extended for another six months.

However, Teresa Ribera, Spanish Minister of Ecological Transition, said it would be “somewhat difficult” for EU ministers to decide how to “formulate a common set of methods” and to determine the technical details of the approved measures. Spain itself did not express unequivocal support for the idea of ​​a price ceiling for gas imported from the Russian Federation. “I think this is something that we definitely need to take into account … The question is to what extent we consider this something that we can afford,” Ribera quotes Politico as saying.

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The representative of the Ministry of Economy of Germany, in turn, said that Berlin wants to create a state “expert commission” to determine the “wisest” approach to limiting gas prices. This, according to the publication, will slow down a quick decision at the EU level.

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