MetallicGear Neo Pro, box with front similar to Mac Pro

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MetallicGear is a brand that surely does not sound like anything to you, and that's why before we get into the subject we want to talk a little about it. It turns out that this brand is «powered by Phanteks«, And surely Phanteks will sound more to you. It is a sub-brand of the first dedicated exclusively to boxes and fans that looks for simple but refined designs that come out of what Phanteks usually offers. It is, say, like Tt eSports for Thermaltake.

MetallicGear Neo Pro, with the front copy of the Mac Pro

We start talking about this box that has been the most striking given that its front mimics that concept of "cheese grater" so criticized in Apple's Mac Pro but has proved, in fact, to be highly efficient in promoting cooling. Thus, this box boasts an outstanding cooling, since behind this front they have installed two spaces for 140 mm diameter fans, but of course it is compatible with 280 mm radiators of length.

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Inside we will find a conventional design of two cameras, hiding the power supply and storage units in the lower area and with space for a format motherboard up to E-ATX in the upper zone.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that the MetallicGear Neo Pro unlike the Apple Mac Pro has the front manufactured in ABS plastic and not in aluminum, but the box has a sale price of just 60 dollars, about 50 euros. We will see it in stores from the month of March and will be available in both silver and black.

MetallicGear Neo Matrix, with 119 ARGB LED front

The manufacturer has also shown its new box Neo Matrix, which is essentially exactly the same as the previous one but changes the front. Instead of having the "cheese grater" of the Mac Pro, they have installed a array of 119 ARGB LEDs (7 x 17) which of course is user programmable, although they have not indicated whether this will be done by hardware or if it will carry with it any specific software.

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But this is not the only difference, since it also changes the roof of the box. Since this box lacks the good cooling of the previous one, they have compensated it with a grid after which we can install, on the ceiling, two 120 mm fans or a 240 mm long radiator.

This box will also be available from the month of March, but in this case at a price of 100 dollars, about 90 euros.