Mining BHD on HDD and SSD: setup and wallet

BHD mining on HDD and SSD x
BHD mining on HDD and SSD

A free socket is every miner’s dream, and in order to save on electricity, the owners of the rigs are ready to do anything. Sometimes employees start mining on enterprise hardware or even bring GPU farms to work. For example, the Internet UA news feed reported on a curious incident at the South Ukrainian NPP. It was like this, on July 10, 2019, during a search by the SBU officers of the offices of the central control room of the South NPP and the station’s security premises, several were found and seized. mining farm, router and other components. The mining installations left a single local network with access to the World Wide Web, which jeopardized the security of the secure facility.

Such actions are, of course, overkill, there are also less radical ways of saving. For example, mining cryptocurrency on a hard drive. Aha, experienced crypto-guards say, running away, mining on hdd has not been profitable for a long time. And in principle, this is how it is, if we talk about coins. BURST или STORJ, but, more recently, a new blockchain network has emerged. BitcoinHD cryptocurrency adopts POC-based HDD mining model. Let’s see how profitable mining BitcoinHD on a hard drive is, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

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What you need to start mining BHD

First of all, you will need hard disks, the larger the usable area, the higher the profit. The motherboard usually has 6 screw connectors, which is not enough for BitcoinHD mining. We’ll have to use special adapters and build a mining farm from several boards with dozens of hard drives.

Recommended hard drive capacity for mining BitcoinHD in solo is 6000 TB. You can work in a pool even for 10 TB, but the profit will be minimal. Your rig should be equipped with a 4-core processor and 8 GB of RAM. A 16TB hard drive consumes only 5W, so a PSU over 750W is unlikely to be required.

Features of the currency

Technical parameters of BitcoinHD cryptocurrency:

  • Block size : 8 MB;
  • Generation time : 5 minutes;
  • Issue : 2,100 million;
  • The size of the award at the first stage : 25BHD / block;
  • Halving period : 4 years;
  • Initial TPS : 70 operations / sec.
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According to the developers, CPOC (Proof of Capacity) BHD mining should fundamentally solve the problem of huge energy consumption in the Bitcoin network, and permanently eliminate the dominance of ASICs in the mining industry. The CPOC algorithm will certainly be the optimal solution for the Blockchain network, as soon as it guarantees fair and affordable mining in the long term.

How to mine BitcoinHD

Mining BHD cryptocurrency requires large hard disk capacities, it is recommended to select 1 TB as the size of the plotting file for plotting. To receive the full reward for the block found (25 BHD), your BHD wallet must have an adequate balance, which is calculated using the formula 1T = 3 BHD, if the miner receives only 30% of the income, that is, 7.5 BHD from each block.

What software do you need:

  • TurboPlotter is a disk layout software. The free utility has limited capabilities; to speed up plotting, it is recommended to buy the PRO or UNLIMITED version. You can download TurboPlotter on the developer’s website:
  • BHD wallet is available on
  • The program for mining on HDD can be downloaded on the Github service at the link

Bhd mining launch:

  • Install BitcoinHD wallet and wait for full synchronization with the blockchain. You will need at least 13 GB of free disk space.
  • Create an account on one of the pools, the list of mountain pools is available
  • After registration, you can see the relevant information in the section “User Settings“. Fill in the wallet address on the Asset Management page. After making changes, you need to bind your Plot ID to the server you selected.
  • Go back to the main page and click Bind Now then open Submit in the wallet, select Bind to ******* in the bottom left corner and enter the address shown on the pool in the “To” column.
  • In the column “Power»Your password for the site ID is displayed. Next, you must press the button “Generate binding data”, But do not send! Copy the numbers and paste them on the page where you linked your ID to mining. For mortgaged loot, you need to plant 3 BHDs for every 1T.
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Home Plotting

  • Unpack and open the program. If this is your first time plotting, select No.
  • Fill in the account ID obtained with Wallet – Tools -Generate Mining Account and click

The next step is very important. There are currently 2 ways to build a hard drive: CPU and GPU. Let’s take a processor as an example.

  • Select the processor and path of the target disk.
  • Select “Target disk path“Below is the path to the disk we are about to build.
  • Specify the spare disk.
  • Create a new burst folder and then a new parcel folder.
  • For “Start nonce”, Do not forget to select the automatic mode.
  • For “Max File Size“, You must indicate the volume of 1 TB.
  • Keep RAM settings as default
  • Start Ploting

At the end of the process, the hard drive will be displayed in red, which means that you can start mining. Open up blagominerv.1.170997_hpool20190114 in file miner.conf find “AccountKey“, And enter the API of the selected pool and start the miner.

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If you do not have a sufficient amount on your balance sheet, you can borrow money. Cooperative mining is beneficial for rig owners and coin holders. Miners can earn more and BHD holders receive interest. You can also register for an eco-pool, where manners are paid only 30% of the block reward.

Choosing a wallet

download wallet

At the time of this writing, there is only a local wallet BitcoinHD, it has a mining function with a conditional capacity. You can exchange BHD coin for ETH and USDT on trading platforms Coindeal and BitMart.

Pools (pool) for mining

4 mines are engaged in the production of BitcoinHD cryptocurrency

  • Bhd is the most powerful mountain pool. It supports mining with pre-pledge of coins, corporate mining with the involvement of money from other network members, and work in the eco-pool not for a minimum reward. The site’s English interface is impeccable.
  • Awpool – 41% of the network capacity, the English translation of the site leaves much to be desired, there are only hieroglyphs around. Working conditions are approximately the same as on
  • Bhde – 131 miners work here, the pool capacity is 33.18PB, an average of 253 TB per rig. The instructions for starting mining are the same as on, but without the English translation.
  • F2pool Is one of the longest-livers of the cryptoindustry. BitcoinHD is mined here exclusively in the eco-pool without the need to pledge coins.
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It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of where it is better to mine bhd, the profit depends on the HDD capacity and the amount of money in the wallet.

Hard disk mining software

You can earn bhd using the same miner as Burstcoin (FFM / miner-burst), which makes it possible to configure dual mining of these coins. The awpool service recommends using the program AWMiner-2019.4.22.

The config file looks like this:


«Mode» : «pool»,

«Server»: «»,

«Port»: 80,

«UpdaterAddr»: «»,

«UpdaterPort»: «80»,

«InfoAddr» : «»,

“InfoPort”: “80”,

«EnableProxy»: false,

«ProxyPort»: 8126,








«CacheSize» : 16384,

«CacheSize2» : 512000,

«Debug»: true,

«UseHDDWakeUp»: true,

«TargetDeadline»: 86400,

«SendInterval»: 100,

«UpdateInterval»: 950,

«UseLog» : true,

«ShowWinner» : true,

«UseBoost» : true,

«WinSizeX»: 76,

«WinSizeY»: 50,

«POC2StartBlock»: 5020,

«PoolAccountCode»: «in put your account key»,

«MinerName»: «»


  • You need to link the BHD wallet and enter the miner’s name.

Profit calculation and how to calculate monthly profitability

The profitability of mining is determined by the ratio of the capacity of your HDD to the total capacity of the pool, an ordinary calculator is suitable for this. For example, the hashrate of F2pool is 11.00 PB / s, which means that the owner of a 110 TB rig will receive 0.075 BHD, which is equivalent to $ 1. If the miner has 330 BHD on the mining wallet with a full reward, then the payout amount increases to 0.225 Bithumb Global minus 5% pool commission.

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It is too early to draw conclusions about the prospects of the BitcoinHD blockchain project. A mining farm with screws instead of gpu is almost silent and consumes little energy, but the equipment for assembly is not cheap. However, the total capacity of the network is 1.29 EB / s. The daily trading turnover of the coin is $ 622,000, both exchanges are in the TOP-30 of the Coinmarketcap rating. It is possible that with the advent of BitcoinHD, mining on hard drives will acquire new perspectives.

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