Mining on a phone, is it possible to mine on an Android smartphone

Mining on a phone, is it possible to mine on an Android smartphone – If a couple of years ago the only methods for mining coins were farms and crypto-exchanges, now the spectrum has expanded significantly. Nowadays, you can earn bitcoins through an application on your phone (smartphone) without making any investments. How productive and effective is this technique, what are its pros and cons? The editorial staff of analyzed the possibilities of earning cryptocurrency using the phone and made this review.

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How to make money mining using your phone

Application developers once thought about how to earn bitcoins using your phone, and created analogs of well-known computer programs, compatible with Android and iOS platforms. For iPhones, a software called MobileMiner was released. It is compatible only with 64-bit processors (32-bit, less powerful, will not work) and is installed by creating a project in Xcode. Installation is not easy and requires the skills of a novice programmer.

The program allows you not only to mine cryptocurrency, but also to maintain communication with other users in the chat, monitor the emergence of new devices and be always aware of current trends.

earn bitcoins on your phone by mining

An application for earning bitcoins on the Android platform – MinerGate, which can be downloaded in one click. It is a copy of its iOS counterpart and supports exactly the same functions. Both apps do work and generate income, but what is their dark side?

  • The advantage of mobile miners is their automation. You don’t need to do anything, they work offline and mine cryptocurrency. In a word, they are no different from standard mining.
  • There are more than enough disadvantages. The first is a very small income, no more than 800 rubles will be received per month, and about 9000 per year. The second is that the application and the mining itself wear out the mobile phone processor.
  • The MobileMiner app for iOS can only be installed on the iPhone7, iPhone8 and iPhone X. If you suddenly decide to “tense up” an old iPhone number 5 or 6, alas, nothing will come of it.

How to make Bitcoin on Android

Of the ways how to earn bitcoins on an Android phone without investments, there are many, but among them you need to choose only tried and tested. If iOS developers carefully add applications of this kind to the AppStore, then new faucets and games for earning bitcoins in GooglePlay appear almost every day.

Many of them turn out to be “scams”, since they do not have ways to withdraw funds or simply do not pay with cryptocurrency. Therefore, before earning bitcoins on an android phone, you need to monitor the application for the following points:

  1. If the minimum withdrawal amount is too high, then you will have to wait six months or even a year for your money, and there are no guarantees that you will actually be able to cash them out.
  2. They promise to pay a whole bitcoin in a short time, provided that the simplest tasks are completed? Free cheese is only in a mousetrap, you should not forget about it.
  3. It is advisable to carefully study the comments. Some may write that they earned bitcoin in a week, while others will find fault with the program. If the comments are extremely polarized, there is no need to download the found application.
  4. You can exchange the mined cryptocurrency and get rubles, dollars, etc. using exchangers.

Choosing a cryptocurrency to make money

There is a huge variety of cryptocurrencies. But in order to choose a reliable one, it is necessary to analyze the situation in the markets.

In terms of practicality and convenience, the best currency to make money is Bitcoin. Now, they can pay for purchases even without exchange – this is the main advantage. Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash also have a high level of trust. They are time-tested and reliable enough, but, nevertheless, they are not easy to get from smartphones.

For making money from smartphones, Monero is most suitable – a currency that has the necessary technological base and has proven itself well. Some mining programs, after launch, automatically select this cryptocurrency and start mining immediately.

The less known, but reliable currency is DigitalNote, it is more often chosen by more advanced users who are well versed in cryptocurrencies.

Android apps for earning bitcoins

You can actually earn bitcoins on your android without investments using applications. These are bitcoin faucets and games that give a small amount of crypto, but guarantee its withdrawal to wallets.

  • FreeBitcoin. Faucet for receiving satoshi from a well-known online service. There are also games, lotteries and other offers for making money. free bitcoin mobile appfree bitcoin mobile app
  • Storm Play. Every 30 minutes, the application invites you to complete the task with an unobtrusive call. This is watching a short video, advertising or downloading another application. This is paid for by the so-called “internal” satoshi – blocks of 500 units. Their course in relation to bitcoins and ethereum is constantly jumping. To check your balance, you just need to go to the appropriate section of your profile. To receive funds for a cryptocurrency wallet, you need to collect 100 thousand blocks, and it is quite possible to do this in 10 days. game for earning bitcoin on the phonegame for earning bitcoin on the phone
  • Bitcoin Billionaire. An application created for fun by the type of game. You need to tap the screen to level up your character and improve his mining skills. In parallel, you can get life hacks related to bitcoin mining. Bitcoin Billionaire phone appBitcoin Billionaire phone app
  • Bitcoin Flapper is an Angry Birds analog app that you can use whenever you want. For winning duels or tournaments, a reward is awarded in the form of bitcoins.
  • Free Bitcoin. This is an app for earning satoshi. Free coins are distributed every hour. The application has over 1 million installations and a rating of 4.2. earn bitcoins on the free bitcoin faucetearn bitcoins on the free bitcoin faucet
  • Bitcoin Claim. This app is a Bitcoin faucet for collecting free coins. You can request them every 15 minutes. The minimum amount of cryptocurrency you can actually earn is 300 Satoshi. After reaching the minimum withdrawal amount, crypto coins can be transferred to your Bitcoin address. android application Bitcoin Claimandroid application Bitcoin Claim
  • Bitcoin Crane. Crane for receiving satoshi in Russian. You can earn money by fulfilling certain conditions. Bitcoin Crane earnings SatoshiBitcoin Crane earnings Satoshi

These and other applications can be found on Google Play by searching for “Bitcoin free”, “Bitcoin faucet”. That being said, it’s best to install apps with the most stars and positive payout reviews.

make money without investments on goole play applications
make money without investments on goole play applications

Applications for iPhone Phones, Ipad Tablets

Earning bitcoins from an iOS phone, if not easier, is definitely safer. All applications published in the AppStore are verified, so this will definitely not affect the smartphone’s performance. But you need to choose the best of the best, so we present the list of applications with the highest rating.

  • Free Bitcoin. One of the loudest faucet apps in which users get randomly 50 to 5000 satoshi in one hour.

If you play 8 hours a day, you can start earning from 12 thousand to 1.2 million satoshi per month. The average income of most users in fiat is 2,000 rubles. per month. Rating – 4 out of 5.

mobile apps for iphone and ipad
mobile apps for iphone and ipad
  • Bitcoin Alliens APPS. A series of applications based on games where earthlings are fighting aliens. If you want to earn some satoshi by playing, you can safely install the game. Rating – 4 out of 5.

Proven ways to make money on the global network

To begin with, it is important to realize the fact that any of the methods below brings few coins. However, with the growth of the Bitcoin rate, earnings will increase.

Basic methods of earning cryptocurrency on the Internet:

  • Bitcoin faucets;
  • Completing tasks for earning money;
  • Real-time games;
  • Mining on a mobile phone.

Each method should be discussed in more detail for a better understanding of the structure of earnings.

Several life hacks

Having guided in how to earn bitcoins on a phone with iOS and from the Android platform, it becomes clear that as a result of painstakingly performed tasks and pumping characters, only a few thousand rubles will come out per month, and this cannot but upset.

You can increase this amount several times by installing several applications that extract bitcoins at the same time. You need to look for games and cryptocurrency faucets with the simplest tasks that will not take up all your free time.

Earning bitcoin on a smartphone will not work quickly, but the amount on a virtual wallet will grow at a faster pace.

People from the world of cryptocurrency prefer to always stay connected. Applications were created especially for them, in which all the latest events in the world of crypt are monitored.

  • A community of bitcoin and ethereum enthusiasts from all over the world who can discuss all the news, cryptocurrency rates, the possibilities of using bitcoins and other points in a public chat. Supported by iOS and Android platforms.
  • A mobile marketplace where bitcoin is used as a means of payment. It works in a decentralized mode and allows you to purchase goods and services, make transactions and help other users to master this new ecosystem. The app is available in both the AppStore and Google Play.

What is a Bitcoin wallet

For money stored electronically and the wallet must be appropriate. Bitcoin is also money, as it is used to purchase quite tangible goods. The difference between an electronic bitcoin wallet is that the key required to order Btc is in it. Typically, the key is written in the wallet.dat program file.

The reliability of wallet protection largely depends on the choice of the user’s password. In fact, the protection system for electronic wallets located on the Internet is in no way inferior to the pin code of cards. The second security system can be considered binding to the owner’s phone number, which receives SMS with a confirmation code. Not all wallets have this protection system. However, when disposing of banknotes from a mobile device, this is not required.

Bitcoin wallets fall into two categories: online and those stored directly on your computer.

For short-term storage of cryptocurrencies, it is quite possible to use electronic wallets with Internet access because they can be hacked. But, they can store the numbers of other wallets, transfer cryptocurrency and ordinary money through on-line banking to bitcoins.

Computer wallets are divided into thick and thin. It is safer to have a “thick” wallet, consisting of a full chain, replenishing with each new action. The disadvantage is the occupied space in the device’s memory.

There is no way to use a thick wallet on smartphones and tablets, but it is quite possible to use a “thin” wallet for them, on a par with what is available on the Internet.

Slim bitcoin wallet
Slim bitcoin wallet


You can earn bitcoins on your phone without investments using taps and playing. The income will be small, but if you launch several applications at the same time, the amount will quickly increase.

Similarly, several old smartphones are launched, which will not gather dust on the shelf, but will bring real profits. They are suitable for both gaming and mining. This will increase your profits exponentially.

It is important to keep track of the quality and up-to-dateness of the application you are using and continue to accumulate satoshi. Having issued them in a round amount, you can install applications for trading on crypto-exchanges (for example, from Binance) on your smartphone and, without interrupting your daily activities, increase your capital.