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Mining profitability in 2021 – Best Coins | Hashrate | BCH, BTC, XRP, ETH – If you are curious about what coins to mine in the crytocurrency world to earning money from your home are wherever,

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Electronic currencies have gained wide popularity relatively recently. Until recently, only Internet users and people who were interested in the financial market knew about them. Now almost everyone has heard about cryptocurrency, there are many who want to make money on it. One of the most popular methods for earning e-currency is mining. Next, you will find out which cryptocurrencies can be mined now and whether it is profitable at all.

Which cryptocurrency mining is more profitable in 2018?

It is difficult to answer the question “What is the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining”. The cryptocurrency market is characterized by high volatility, and the complexity of mining is growing every day. Any user who decides to start mining must choose the currency for mining. But, at the same time, it is necessary to take into account:

  1. Liquidity. High demand for crypto will allow you to quickly make an exchange or sale at a favorable rate;
  2. Cost. It is mainly expressed in fiat money. The higher the value of the coins, the more expedient their extraction;
  3. Volatility. The price of some currencies can fall by 20-30% per day, which will entail losses. It is necessary to choose the cryptocurrency with the lowest volatility;
  4. Capitalization and prominence of crypto money. The more popular a currency is, the less likely it is to fall in price;
  5. The difficulty of mining. The lower the value of the total computing power, the higher the profit will be;
  6. Method of mining. Mining can be carried out in several ways. In the first case, the equipment is connected to the network, mathematical calculations are performed (Proof of Work). In the second, a certain amount of currency is purchased and stored in the wallet. After that, the user has a chance to receive a mining reward (Proof of Stake). And also there are a number of other ways.
  7. Development prospects. If the currency has good potential, then you can expect an increase in its price in the future. Thus, combine the mining of crypto money with investments.

Answering the question “What cryptocurrency is profitable to mine in 2018”, you must first of all think about the likelihood of getting a good profit. In this case, you should not count on fabulous earnings, this will require significant investments.

Considering the above criteria in combination, each user will choose the most profitable mining, taking into account the available resources and their own preferences. It is recommended to look for detailed information on the forums, where experienced users will tell you which mining is more profitable.

Bitcoin mining equipment

The easiest way to mine bitcoins is invest in specialized equipment for their extraction (ASIC).

These devices are assembled from specialized chips for solving computational tasks, therefore, they have low power consumption, low heat generation and high performance. The power of specialized equipment for mining bitcoins is now measured in giga and terahashes per second (TH / sec).

There are also disadvantages to ASICs:

  • The most important is the high cost. Prices on the Russian market for Bitcoin mining equipment start at 170 thousand rubles;
  • Difficulty selling on the secondary market;
  • Noisy operation of the cooling system.

However, as soon as it hit the market, ASIC hardware quickly supplanted GPU mining and made it unprofitable for Bitcoin.

The most popular ASIC models on the Russian market:

  1. Antminer T9 11.5TH/sec
  2. Antminer S9 13,5 TH/sec
  3. Antminer L3 + 504 MH/sec
  4. Bitfury 48 25 TH/sec
  5. Avalon 821 11 TH/sec

When buying an ASIC, you should also consider the cost of peripheral equipment: power supplies, cables, etc.

Should you mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the very first digital currency, the founder of Blockchain technology. After its release, many have been mining for fun, without thinking about the possible prospects. For a long time, the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining was Bitcoin, users earned money even by mining this cryptocurrency at home.

Now the capitalization of Bitcoin exceeds $ 116 billion, which is almost half of the total value of all electronic currencies. But is it the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine? The answer is no. Along with the high cost of the coin, the number of miners increased, and, accordingly, the complexity of the network. Considering this, those users who have significant capacities can make a profit. Regular users can find a more profitable cryptocurrency for mining.

If you decide to start mining Bitcoin, then you need to do this in the pool. By teaming up with other network members, the chance of making a profit increases markedly. All earned coins will be transferred to your personal wallet.

Is mining profitable?

Given the numbers above, the answer is definitely yes! It is profitable to mine bitcoin in many countries of the world. The best place to make a profit is Venezuela, where electricity costs only $ 531.

South American farm owners are making colossal profits with Bitcoin at around $ 10,000 per coin. In addition, the region is experiencing economic and political problems, so it is not surprising that many Venezuelans have started to make money from the mining industry. The possibility of mining with cheap electricity is used not only by locals, but also by South American representatives when their own currency is losing stability.

TOP 5 best cryptocurrencies for mining in 2018

We continue to figure out which cryptocurrencies are better to mine in 2018. Here are those altcoins that are already quite popular, but with significant growth prospects.


This cryptocurrency appeared relatively recently, but gained popularity very quickly. Now is in second place in terms of capitalizationsecond only to Bitcoin. Analysts point out that Ethereum has every chance of overtaking Bitcoin in a few years. The main features of Ethereum are:

  • Support for smart contracts. They have a wide range of capabilities, so in the future they will be used in almost all spheres of life;
  • On the basis of Ethereum, you can develop your own decentralized projects.

Until recently, it was possible to mine Ethereum only on video cards. ASIC processors are now on sale. This can significantly reduce the profitability of mining on video adapters.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency that separated from the original blockchain on a certain block. The reason for the hard fork was the desire to solve one of the main disadvantages of bitcoin – the speed of confirmation of transfers. The block size has increased from 1 MB to 8 MB.

Since the cost of Bitcoin Cash is not yet as high as that of Bitcoin,
the complexity of the network is an order of magnitude lower. Given the potential, it can be said that Bitcoin Cash is the best solution for mining and subsequent storage.


One of the first altcoins, which appeared back in 2011. The founder of Litecoin is a former Google employee, Charles Lee. Back then, he saw several significant flaws in Bitcoin, which he fixed in Litecoin. The following improvements have been made:

  • Used over simple encryption algorithm;
  • Emission coins is 84 000 000;
  • The confirmation speed of new blocks has increased by 2.5 times.

Litecoin can be mined both on ASIC processors and on ordinary video cards, so mining can be organized at home as well.


This cryptocurrency highly anonymous, thanks to which it received the recognition of users. Now the cost of one coin is $ 170, but in the future, according to experts, it may reach several thousand dollars.

Used CryptoNight algorithm more demanding on RAM, which should be taken into account when buying equipment. The mining reward is calculated with inflation of about 1%, which keeps the interest in the coin. The main feature of Monero is combined mining capabilities – users have the ability to apply power in parallel video adapter and CP.


If you are deciding what is better to mine, Zcash will be one of the best options. The cryptocurrency appeared only a year and a half ago, but is already included in the 30 popular ones. Currency provides complete anonymity without sacrificing functionality… Zcash can be considered the most optimal cryptocurrency for beginner miners, since the complexity of the network is not so high, mining on ASICs is not possible.

A significant advantage is coin liquidity, you can buy it on all popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The volatility of Zcash is lower than that of other cryptocurrencies. As with Bitcoin Cash, it is recommended that you keep some currency for yourself, hoping that it will rise in value in the future.

Mining 2021: what will happen in the future – forecast

mining in 2021 profitability

Speaking about the future of mining, it should be noted that no drastic changes will take place in the near future. This is due to the fact that this process is the main functioning of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies and will exist in any case.

All this makes the question of whether it is profitable to engage in mining now, and how to make the process of obtaining cyberfinance as simple and effective as possible, more urgent.

Predicting experts argue that the process of making a profit will continue to become more complicated, and therefore every potential miner must seriously consider a possible strategy and thoroughly think about what and how he will mine.

Is it realistic to mine cryptocurrency on a home PC in 2021?

One of the most frequent questions that has been encountered recently on the forums is: “What cryptocurrency is now profitable to mine on a computer?” The fact is that with the growing acceptance of digital coins, so too are the hardware requirements. Now, mining most of the popular cryptocurrencies on a computer is no longer profitable. Only a few coins can be an exception. One of them is Monero. But this will require a high-performance PC. Mining on medium-sized computers will not bring the desired profit.

What is the best cryptocurrency mining on not the most productive computers? There is little choice here. You have to choose coins with very low network complexity. It should be understood that the rate of such currencies is unstable, the cost can collapse by several tens of percent in just a couple of hours. On the other hand, in the future, the price of the coin may rise, which will bring profit to its holders.

What to mine in 2021?

Choosing a technique that will reduce energy costs, but will be able to provide adequate efficiency is of great importance for potential miners.

An excellent example of such a technique is ASICs, which have come to replace the usual video cards. They stand out for their high power, durability and low energy consumption.

It must be remembered that one of the main requirements of mining in 2021 is profitability. Of course, it is permissible to use traditional video cards, but you should not count on huge profits with such an approach. Even a significant amount of memory on the purchased equipment will not save the situation.

New cryptocurrencies for mining

In the case of mining on a personal computer, it is recommended that the currency has not only low difficulty, but also has been recently released. In almost every case, the cost of new crypto money is very low, but if there is an interesting idea and competent promotion, the coin can shoot, providing its holders with significant income. When choosing a new digital currency for mining, you need to take into account the following criteria:

  1. Name. Non-standard and fun;
  2. Registration. The currency must have an original and high-quality logo and an official website. This will indicate that the creators are determined to actively promote their product;
  3. Official wallet storage must be provided for different operating systems;
  4. Premine. Prior to the launch of a cryptocurrency, developers can mine a certain amount of currency themselves. It is recommended that the digital coin does not have a premine;
  5. Encryption algorithm. It is necessary to choose the cryptocurrency that can be mined at the initial stage without investment.

The advantage of mining new cryptocurrencies is the possibility of solo mining. Since there are not so many people who mine new coins, you can get good rewards without commission costs (pools usually charge a commission of 1 to 3%). In general, mining newly created cryptocurrencies is a great option for home mining that does not require large investments.