AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Mining: Hashrate | overclocking| Settings | Power Consumption

Drivers for RX 6700 XT

Drivers for RX 6700 XT
Drivers for RX 6700 XT

You can download drivers for RX 6700 XT from the official AMD website.

RX 6700 XT in mining, hashrate and consumption

Consider the hash rate of video cards and consumption. This table should serve as a kind of benchmark for you, i.e. your values ​​should be approximately as in the table, with a slight discrepancy of up to 3-5%. Below we will analyze how to achieve such results, thanks to overclocking and nutritional limitation.

 RTX 6700 XT 
Ethash48.00 Mh / s140.00W
Ethash4G48.00 Mh / s140.00W
Zhash54.00 h/s120.00W
CNGPU2000.00 h/s130.00W
Autolycos80.00 Mh / s140.00W
Octopus24.00 Mh / s170.00W
ZelHash36.00 h/s130.00W
KawPow22.50 Mh / s160.00W
ProgPow19.00 Mh / s170.00W
MTP3.40 Mh / s170.00W
Hashrate and Consumption of RX 6700 XT

Overclocking and tuning RX 6700 XT for mining

The table shows the optimal overclocking settings for the RX 6700 XT. These values ​​may differ depending on: vendor, power supply, drivers, manufacturer of memory chips, the graphics chip itself. On average, your metrics should be close to those in the table. We will discuss the overclocking process below.

 RX 6700 XT  
AlgorithmCore Clock (Mhz)
Core frequency
Memory Clock (Mhz)
Memory frequency
Power Limit (%)
Food limit
Ethash-500 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
Ethash4G-500 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
Zhash+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
CNGPU+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
Autolycos+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
Octopus+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
ZelHash+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
KawPow+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
ProgPow+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
MTP+0 Mhz+150 Mhz80-100% TDP
Overclocking RX 6700 XT