Mintsifra recommended state-owned companies to double the cost of telecom equipment

MOSCOW, 25 Oct — PRIME. Russian state corporations and companies with state participation in 2022-2024 will have to double the cost of purchasing radio-electronic products and telecommunications equipment compared to the period 2019-2021, according to guidelines published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

The Ministry of Digital Development launched a marketplace for Russian software

“Methodological recommendations for the digital transformation of state corporations and companies with state participation … When planning the costs of information and communication technologies … it is necessary to proceed from the following set of conditions … an increase in total costs aimed at the purchase of electronic products, telecommunications equipment and software and hardware systems, as well as related to it works (services) for the period 2022-2024, 2 times, compared with the period 2019-2021,” it says.

It is added, however, that individual indicators of cost growth can be set for state-owned companies, but their increase should still be at least one and a half times.

Methodological recommendations were developed for the federal project “Digital Technologies”, which is part of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”.