Modular house of the future, i.e. Nestron Cube Two X for PLN 400,000

Nestron’s new modular home of the future, just announced, feels like a step towards a new generation of modular living. This ultra-modern Cube Two X house for almost PLN 400,000 introduces something that is usually unusual in this type of project, i.e. a lot of space and just as much technology, skylights and windows.

The Nestron Cube Two X is potentially the most modern modular house to buy for less than half a bubble

Cube Two X, also called C2X for short, provides even more living space compared to previous projects by Singapore company Nestron. We are talking about 35 square meters, provided by a capsule 10 meters long, 3.1 meters high and 3.5 meters deep. In relation to the younger C2X brothers, Nestron provided him with an eye-catching floor-to-ceiling window.

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Weighing in at 8,000 kilograms, it currently costs exactly $ 98,000, providing 1/2 bedroom, a kitchen with dining area, bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and water heater, living room with sofa bed and hall. Options include underfloor heating, an induction hob, a single or double door refrigerator, a projector and a washing machine.

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The design is completed by a double entrance door, a long elongated window and a number of intelligent functions. We are talking about digital locks, electric roller shutters, a lighting system with motion sensors, a digital music player, intelligent mirrors and kitchen and toilet devices, or wall tablets taken straight from a spacecraft. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, which is being built by the original and still developed intelligent assistant “Canny” based on AI, intelligent furniture, and even equally “wise” construction elements.

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The installation of the C2X itself is simple – we place it on a level ground. You can play with the foundations, but that’s only optional, because the patented insulated, galvanized steel structure that can cope with earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons is said to boast of great durability. Hence, a 50-year structural guarantee and encouraging people to live outside of civilization thanks to additionally paid extras. However, there is no problem with connecting the Cube Two X to the local sewerage, water, gas and / or electricity in accordance with building regulations.

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