Mozilla vulnerabilities used to attack Coinbase employees

Last week, Coinbase employees were the victims of a phishing attempt facilitated by two Mozilla vulnerabilities. According to reports released by ZDNet, attackers have tried to install spyware that copies passwords and other important data.

Mozilla has confirmed the release of patches to prevent hackers from gaining access to the remote browser and running a code.

Mozilla vulnerabilities resolved

The two vulnerabilities – CVE-2019-11708 and CVE-2019-11707 – first appeared on April 15th. Apparently, those who visited sites sent via email, the browser downloads spyware that copies the data used to log in and other passwords.

Hackers used the two Mozilla vulnerabilities to try to compromise Coinbase employees, fortunately without success.

The Coinbase security team and an external researcher noticed the bugs, and Coinbase countered the attack before the network could compromise. The Exchange confirmed that the users of the platform were not affected.

Mozilla has released two patches to solve the problem and has recommended users to update the browser.

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Increasing cyber attacks

The US Department of Customs and Border Protection confirmed last week that he was the victim of an attack. One of his biometric data management collaborators was congratulated and a large amount of data was stolen. At the time, the agency said that 100,000 face-ups and registration plates for immigrants, citizens and asylum seekers were stolen and published online.

Public systems in Baltimore have been affected since 8 May. The administration has refused to pay the rebellion required by the attackers and is trying to rebuild its network.

In Florida, the city of Riviera Beach opted instead to pay hackers. They kept hostage computerized systems in the last three weeks. The local government has paid $ 600,000 in Bitcoin.

Cyber ​​attacks are making a significant increase, partly facilitated by the fact that administrative security systems are quite outdated.

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