MSI Afterburner No On Screen Display: Not showing monitoring FPS (CS:GO)

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Review

MSI Afterburner No On Screen Display: MSI Afterburner not showing fps – MSI Afterburner does not show monitoring: FPS in CS:GO – MSI Afterburner is used to control the video card, monitor the performance of computer components. The overlay will display a lot of useful information about the operation of the device, which will eliminate the need to buy an expensive keyboard with a display. MSI Afterburner does not always show monitoring in games after launch without prior configuration. Let’s figure out how to display the necessary information in games, what to do if nothing appears.

Monitoring is needed for constant monitoring, control of graphics adapter parameters : resource utilization (memory, processor, core), temperature, number of frames issued, frequency characteristics. It is important to follow them after overclocking the video card , in order to prevent its overheating. Read more about monitoring in the material.

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Enabling MSI Afterburner Monitoring in Games

By default, the display of a number of video card parameters over the game (in an overlay, in an overlay) is enabled. Perhaps, after experimenting with the settings, you turned off monitoring. Read about turning on and off monitoring in games at the link . To output fps, you need to install RivaTuner Statistic Server . If even then the data is not shown, go to the solution options.

The first solution

Sometimes monitoring in MSI Afterburner works, but does not display all the information in games, for example, it does not show fps.

After installation, run the utility and change the parameters indicated in the screenshot one by one. Minimize the game, change the settings, expand the game application and see if it helped.

The second solution

  1. If the application is in the list, select it, if not, click “Add”.
  2. Specify the path to the game’s executable file and click “Open”.   What should I do if MSI Afterburner does not show monitoring in games?   Adding a game to monitor.
  3. Click on the name of the toy and customize the screen display for it. Make sure the “Show On-Screen Display” switch is in the “ON” position.
  4. Next, visit the settings Afterburner tab “Monitoring” .
  5. Check the boxes next to the desired indicators, remove from items that are not required to be displayed in games.
  6. Click on the parameter that is not displayed, but there is a checkmark next to it, and activate the option “Show in OED” .
  7. Apply the settings, then expand the game and check the effectiveness of the method.   What should I do if MSI Afterburner does not show monitoring in games?   To the right in the drop-down list there are options for displaying the variable: graph, text.

In the “OED” tab, you can set a combination of global hotkeys to enable and disable the display of the monitoring overlay screen display.

Monitoring does not work in CS:GO

There may be conflicts with other applications for the overlay, the EOS is disabled, the display of the desired indicator is not activated. As a protection against cheats, games can block the overlay.

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To launch video card monitoring output in CS:GO, start the game with “-allow_third_party_software” parameters through the launcher.

enabling monitoring in cs go
The settings apply only to the current user.

Other possible ways to enable monitoring

If all else fails and Afterburner monitoring is not showing up in games, try the options below.

Reinstalling the program

Sometimes a clean install helps. First you need to completely remove the program with settings, then install the latest version of the utility.

Conflict with other applications

MSI Afterburner does not display overlay in games in parallel with other programs: AMD Crossfire, Fraps, AIDA64, GeForce Experience and others. If the listed applications can be closed, then Steam – not always. In the case of the client from Valve, open the settings (1), click “In game”, disable the Steam overlay (2).

steam settings

Turn off overlay for video games.

Turning off the overlay for a specific game will help eliminate conflicts in a specific application.

  1. Visit the Library.
  2. Right click on the video game.
  3. Select “Properties” from the context menu.     Additional application options.
  4. Uncheck the box next to “Enable Steam Overlay…”.     Repeat the procedure for other problematic games.
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Presence of computer viruses

Sometimes malicious applications prevent Afterburner from working properly. Install an anti-virus program or download a portable version, for example, Virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web CureIt, scan your computer for viruses.

If the tips and instructions did not help to display information on the screen, describe the problem in detail in the comments, we will figure it out. Found another solution – share, we will supplement the article. It will surely help other users.