MSI ARMOR is back. The family of graphics cards gave life to AMD’s novelties

It seems that MSI, two years after the last ARMOR GPU was released, will be returning to it with the launch of the AMD Radeon RX 6600 card. In other words, the MSI ARMOR series is back.

The MSI ARMOR family of graphics cards is back

At least this is the information from the Videocardz website, which boasted about receiving a key render in the mailbox. This one presents the MSI Radeon RX 6600 ARMOR graphics card, which may not be the first (the world has already seen an identical RX 590), but marks the return of the manufacturer to its series abandoned two years ago.

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Like all Radeon RX 6600 models, this card is not factory overclocked and uses an old cooling design that was taken over 3 years ago. It does not even correspond to the RTX 2000 SUPER refreshed from 2019, the last bastion of MSI ARMOR, which was replaced by the MECH series.

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The RX 6600 ARMOR has a lot in common with it, because it is almost certain that this card borrows a lot from the RX 6600 Mech X1 V1 model (render visible at the top).