MSI B550, new motherboards for all budgets in the MPG, MAG and PRO lines

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MSI presented the B550 motherboard range
belonging to the series MPG, MAG and PRO. The new proposals will be
available from 16 July and will be placed in the range of
price to date manned by B450 solutions, or between about 90 and 200 euros, a
depending on the model.

As we have already explained
analyzing Asus' offer,
the B550 chipset allows you to enjoy PCI Express 4.0 connectivity for both
NVMe storage that video cards combined with a Ryzen 3000 CPU. The chipset
B550, in and of itself, does not provide PCI 4.0 lines, but unlike
of the previous B450 allows access to the 16 PCI Express 4.0 lines of the
CPU, allowing to prepare configurations with single video card or with
dual video card, but also to connect an NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD or two
PCIe 4.0 x2 solutions. Potentially, the B550 therefore supports two GPUs, both in
CrossFire than SLI, whereas previously only CrossFire was supported.

Another difference with the 400 series chipsets concerns
the "general purpose" lines, which become PCIe 3.0 compared to the previous PCIe
2.0. Finally, here is the support for USB 3.2 Gen 2, in conjunction with Ryzen CPUs
3000. Recall that the B550 motherboards will be perfectly compatible with i
future Ryzen 4000 processors based on Zen 3 architecture.

MSI's PRO motherboard series is the foundation
and has two models called B550-A PRO and B550M PRO-VDH WIFI, the
first ATX and second micro ATX with integrated wireless connectivity. The B550-A
PRO has a 10 + 2 + 1 phase VRM, extended VRM heatsink design, M.2 Shield
Frozr and other technical solutions. The motherboard equipped with a PCI slot
Express 4.0 x16, a PCI Express 3.0 x16 achieved by four lines and two PCIe
3.0 x1. There are two M.2 slots, but only the first can handle PCIe 4.0 models.

The intermediate offer that May, with four
models that answer the names of MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI, MAG B550M MORTAR,
. In this case they are the first two a
be in micro ATX format, while the other two are in the classic

The MAG B550 TOMAHAWK has a military one and offers specifications
essential and mainstream features required by gamers. Let's find one
dual LAN port, one 2.5G and one Gigabit, an extended heatsink design and two
M.2 Shield Frozr slot. Other features include the Flash BIOS button,
Shield I / O pre-installed and front USB Type C.

The MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI designed with a design in
silver, while the MAG B550M MORTAR has a military design with 8 + 2 + 1 phases, design
extended heatsink, PCB with high quality components and M.2 Shield Frozr
for the heat dissipation of SSDs. MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI boasts
the integration of Wi-Fi 6 AX, capable of supporting speeds of up to 2400 Mbps.

The range MPG the best offer in this context
and is based on four models for all needs: MPG B550 GAMING

The MSI MPG B550 GAMING CARBON WIFI is inspired by design
of supercars and counts on a VRM with 12 + 2 + 1 phases to guarantee the maximum
performance. The motherboard boasts improved thermal solutions like a cover
entirely in aluminum with additional 7W / MK thermal pads, 6-layer PCB and two
M.2 slot with Shield Frozr. Connectivity relies on a 2.5G LAN port and Wi-Fi 6
AX. Also in this case we find the pre-installed Shield I / O, USB Type C
front and the Flash BIOS button.

Finally, interesting is the MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI, one
mini-ITX motherboard
equipped with a VRM with 8 + 2 + 1 phases with
active cooling. The motherboard supports HDMI 2.1 and a USB connector
Type C front.

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