MSI Project Zero motherboard hides connectors with unusual design

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Cables have always been something that gaming PCs try to hide at all costs. Some manufacturers even help with projects that make cable management easier. But none did it as well as MSI and its Project Zero, which hides the connectors in an obvious place, but in which no one had thought before, behind the motherboard.

The board hasn’t been released yet, but a user on Twitter, called @g01d3nm4ng0, has posted some photos of Project Zero. The name most likely refers to zero exposed cables inside the case.

The motherboard is covered almost entirely by plastic and aluminum, in dark colors, something that I particularly find very interesting. The design of the project itself, it seems, comes from the MSI MEG Unify series, like the top-of-the-line Z690 model for Intel Alder Lake CPUs, already available on the market.

There were no connectors left on the front of Project Zero, they are all behind the motherboard. Although we don’t have any photos of the back, we can see the SATA, USB, and 24-pin motherboard connectors from the sides. At the top of Project Zero, there are the CPU and fan connectors.

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Nothing fancy on the back except for the connectors. It goes without saying that the motherboard will not go well with any case. They will need a different cabinet where you have room to connect everything from the back. MSI will be preparing something of this? We don’t know yet.

What do you think? Pretty sober right?