Musk just fired a bitcoin value. The moment is approaching when it will be “welcome” for Tesla again

Billionaire and eccentric visionary Elon Musk is once again changing his view of bitcoin and announces that one of his best-known companies, Tesla, will most likely start accepting bitcoin as official currency again, informs Guardian.

Musk spoke in an optimistic spirit at Wednesday’s B Word conference, where he clarified that he is currently focusing on what percentage of the bitcoin’s energy comes from renewable sources.

Not even the fall ruined the optimists’ smile. The date for bitcoin to dominate global finance is approaching

According to him, this value should probably be around 50% and shows a positive trend towards a gradual increase in energy from renewable sources. “If this trend is actually confirmed, Tesla will most likely continue to receive payments in bitcoin., “Musk specified.

The cryptomen market also reacted immediately to the comments of the technology enthusiast, and the price of bitcoin rose sharply by 8%. Other known cryptomens, led by Ether, moved into the green numbers in parallel.

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Changing rhetoric

The paradox is that it is was just Elon Musk with Tesla, which only recently weakened the bitcoin value significantly. This happened in mid-May, when the billionaire did not like the impact of the cryptocurrency on the environment, as a result of which Tesla stopped accepting payments in bitcoin.

At the time, Musk justified his move with heightened concerns from investors and environmentalists about the “dirty” energy used in bitcoin mining, which was not in line with the policy of the company producing electric cars.

Should the situation with renewables in the crypto world change dramatically in two months? Probably not. However, Musk is known for very happy to change the situation in the crypto markets with vague statements on social networks, which he has finally openly admitted in the past.

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