My cell phone says memory full and it is empty. I have NOTHING. Why?

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My cell phone says memory full and it is empty. I have NOTHING. Why?
– Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

The problem of insufficient space “false” it is common in devices with little storage capacity. Considering that there is actually enough space, this error may be due to corrupted data on the device, applications or perhaps you have a clone cell phone in your hands.

First of all, I advise you to solve the full storage, which is usually the problem. If that does not work, you can try clearing the cache, junk files on the mobile and restoring the data from the Play Store, if the problem is downloading apps from this store.

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Insufficient space error having storage Are you sure?

Before ensuring that there is nothing in the memory or that there is available storage, double check that this is the case, from the same Android system Settings, “Storage” menu. If possible, install an application to view internal memory, such as Disk Usage. If you can’t install it from Play Store, test with your APK.

If your storage is full or little space, try to resolve this first. In the link you have solutions that in addition to moving or deleting your photos, videos and apps, will help you back up your data. You can also read how to increase available internal memory.

If the problem happens when installing apps from the Play Store, you need to make sure you have enough space, sometimes even more space than the size of the app you intend to install. On older devices, some apps required at least 1GB of available space EVEN THOUGH THEIR SIZE WAS MUCH LESS THAN THAT.

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1. Restart the device

This may sound ridiculous but it solves many problems, including insufficient space with available storage. If you have already freed up space on the device and this error continues to appear, the first thing to do is turn off the phone and turn it on again.

2. Clear the cache

This can eliminate possible corrupted data on the system or applications. Some devices come with a cleaning option, which includes clearing the cache in Settings, Device maintenance, Storage, “Wipe” or “Cached data”.

If this is not your case, delete the cache of the Android system from the recovery mode, option “wipe cache partition”. Access to recovery depends on the brand, but is commonly done with the phone turned off. You must press and hold the power and volume up buttons until the device turns on.

If the problem is downloading apps from the Play Store, clear the cache of this application by going to Settings, Applications, Play Store, Storage, Clear cache.

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The cache is just “internal data” of the system and applications, to work faster. It is safe to perform and will not erase your data or applications.

3. Trick for Samsung Galaxy

insufficient space with available storage code 9900

It involves entering a code that deletes some log files from the device, located in the directory /data/log, which are often the cause of the insufficient space problem.

On Samsung devices, doing this is as simple as typing the code *#9900# in the phone application and on the screen that will appear choose the option that says Delete dumpstate/logcat. Click OK to confirm.

This process is safe to perform and can even free up several hundred MB of internal device memory.

Other devices (root required)

On other devices, this code does not work, so it is necessary to do it manually, going to the / data / log directory of the device and deleting the log files that are there. Application will be required Terminal Emulator which can be found on Google Play, and root permissions on the device. Do this procedure exactly as indicated below.

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  1. Opens Terminal Emulator
  2. Write the command su and hit Enter on the keyboard. When the window is displayed asking for root or superuser permission, give this permission.
  3. Change to directory /data/log typing the command cd /data/log. Pulsar Enter.
  4. MAKE SURE you are in the directory /data/log typing the command pwd and hit Enter. This command should display on the screen found inside the / data / log directory. It is very important to make sure that you are in this directory because the next step will delete all the files found here.
  5. Delete all files by typing the command rm *
  6. Hit Enter to delete the files.

4. Delete app leftovers

insufficient space with available obb storage

It is possible that a file has remained in the memory of the device that is preventing the installation of an application or game. These remains of the application sometimes remain in the internal memory, inside the directory Android / obb. This directory is entered with any file explorer and only the .obb file that has the name of the application or game you are trying to install is deleted from there and it cannot be (do not touch OTHER .obb files that may exist).

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Sometimes there are also traces in the root directory of the device, specifically in the directory /data/app. Here there may be an .ODEX file related to the application that cannot be installed. This .ODEX file will need to be removed to fix the problem. To access the directory /data/app It will be necessary to use an advanced file explorer such as ES File Explorer or Root Explorer, both available for free on Google Play.

5. Insufficient space Play Store error

If the notice of insufficient space in Android is generated when downloading applications from the Play Store, the solution is to reset this store:

  1. Settings
  2. Applications
  3. Google Play Store
  4. Tap on Uninstall Updates (menu button at the top right)
  5. Tap on Force Close.

The workaround is as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Applications
  3. Google Play services
  4. Storage
  5. Clear cache
  6. Admin. Storage
  7. Clear all data
  8. Reboot the device

6. Out of memory, the last solution

If these solutions have not fixed your Android phone, it is best to restore factory settings.

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Is your device a clone?

This Samsung Galaxy S5 mini clone indicates 32GB of internal storage by the Android system. However, its actual storage was only 183 MB, to install a couple of apps and no more.

Before assuming this, I insist that you must first make sure to fix the full storage problem, deleting photos, videos, apps and even restoring the device settings. Once you’ve done that, double-check internal memory usage. If it is really empty and you still see the memory full warning, then possibly your device is a clone or fake.

Even devices with 4 or 8 GB of REAL internal memory are capable of holding a reasonable number of photos, videos, music, applications and games. Therefore, it is unlikely that a good brand mobile, with any storage capacity, that has no saved data or just a couple of photos, videos or apps indicates that that storage is full or there is little space.

Clone manufacturers manipulate the system numbers, showing a storage with several gigabytes (GB) of capacity, when the internal memory chip barely has an actual capacity of several megabytes (MB), to accommodate a very limited amount of multimedia and apps.

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To verify if your cell phone is a clone, you must test its performance as Antutu Benchmark, as I explain in this article. If this is the case, you will only be able to deduce what the full memory problem is due to. I think it is no longer possible to determine the actual storage of the equipment as in the illustration above, because it seems that the current clone manufacturers even manipulate the Android system files from which apps like Aida 64 obtain the data.

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