Navitel MR450 GPS NV test. Here is an advanced mirror video recorder

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Navitel has enriched its offer of mirrored video recorders with a new top-shelf model. Disclosed in October, MR450 GPS NV combines many interesting additions, for a video recorder, which of course you do not necessarily need, but you will assess it yourself. So, without extension, I invite you to the Navitel MR450 GPS NV test, which will answer your most important questions.

Navitel MR450 GPS NV equipment

Navitel has been cultivating its approach to both boxes and their equipment for years. Thus, in a solid rectangular box, opened by sliding the upper “cover” off it, we find a video recorder in the form of a mirror secured in the foil. The manufacturer placed a lot under it, because:

  • Rear camera module
  • 690 cm cable to connect the rear camera with a 146 cm cable to the rear light
  • Over 330 cm power cord
  • Short USB-A to miniUSB cable
  • Four rubber mounting clips (in practice two are enough)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Instructions for use
  • Warranty card with a period of 24 months
  • Voucher for an annual subscription in Navitel navigation
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Design by Navitel MR450 GPS NV

Here we will focus on what is most important, i.e. the main module, as well as the rear one with which we start. The rear camera in this set comes down to four elements, because the camera itself, a handle with double-sided tape, a miniUSB cable and a long cable with a jack to be attached to the mirror. This additionally has a red wire, the connection of which to the car’s installation unlocks the full capabilities of this video recorder. Then, it detects the shifting of the rear gear (by turning on the reverse light) and begins to act as a parking assistant, displaying guide lines on the main screen.

The main video recorder is much easier to install, and its modest thickness clearly helps with that. All you need to do is hook the appropriate rubber bands to its rear elements and pull them over the interior mirror. Before that, however, I suggest you perform the configuration at home, take care of the phone application, read the settings and check your memory card (at least class 10 up to 64 GB) to make sure it works flawlessly. After that, the fun in the car comes down to routing the cables behind the upholstery, but the adventure with Navitel MR450 GPS NV will not end there, because it is not a video recorder that is forgotten after installation.

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As a large mirror (310x86x39 mm) with a weight of 230 grams, this Navitel model will remind us of itself during every ride. Both thanks to its important parking assistant function and the 5.5-inch IPS touch screen integrated on the left side of the mirror with a resolution of 960 × 480, which is a seamless surface with the glass and, although it is distinguished by its shade, also functions as a mirror. Its housing is mainly made of plastic, but the Navitel also took care of the appropriate visual features in the form of brushed aluminum on the back and nicely finished edges. It is a pity that after assembly we will not see them at all.

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Moving on to the equipment, we are mainly interested in the top edge of the Navitel MR450 GPS NV. It is there that there is a button to turn on / off the video recorder or blank the screen, a connector for a rear camera, a microSD card slot, a miniUSB port for powering or transferring files after connecting to a computer and a hidden standard reset button. On the back, next to the flexible mounting brackets, we find a microphone hole, two longitudinal gaps for the loudspeaker and a protruding lens that allows for a wide, but really clunky adjustment. This is the only design flaw of this model, because when you manipulate the lens you can get the impression that it will simply fall off in a moment.

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Features of Navitel MR450 GPS NV

Let’s start with the fact that thanks to the touch screen with appropriate responsiveness and sensitivity, the use of MR450 GPS NV is much easier. In addition, it is also worth praising the manufacturer for a useful main screen, showing us the time, date, length of the recording and information about activated functions. After turning off while driving, this screen shows us, first of all, the time and speed at which we are moving.

On the lower bar, Navitel has placed the main menu icon, stopping / resuming recording, taking a photo even during recording, activating / deactivating the microphone and blocking a given recording on call. This is also done by the video recorder after detecting a collision, thanks to the built-in shock sensor.

This model, while maintaining the traditional features such as overwriting recordings with a length of 1/2/3/5/10 min created in a loop, automatic start after starting, adjustable shock sensor and parking mode (thanks to the built-in 400-mAh rechargeable battery), offers much, but this much more. This is due both to the Wi-Fi module, which generates the network on demand, and the GPS, which serves as real-time location.

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This first addition allows us to connect to the video recorder through a smartphone application, which mainly allows you to update the firmware, preview recordings, play what is currently being recorded by the video recorder and change a few basic settings. In other words – nothing special. Especially since it works on average, and the video recorder itself allows you to do exactly the same from its level. The Navitel DVR Player application for computers looks better, which allows us to manage materials more widely through, among others, viewing details of the route.

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This feature is directly related to GPS, which allows the dash cam to record routes or determine the current speed with decent accuracy. In addition, thanks to the built-in speed camera database, MR450 GPS NV is able to warn us with an appropriate sound and visual signal about approaching (from about 450 meters) to the speed camera, or the danger of pedestrian lanes on the express road.

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The quality of the recordings and the details of the cameras

MR450 GPS NV records in MOV format, using the Sony 307 Night Vision matrix, located under a 4-layer lens, providing a viewing angle of 160 degrees. In turn, the module records in 100 degrees, using the GC2053 matrix. Both cameras record in a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, i.e. Full HD, as well as take photos in a resolution of 2 Mpx. This makes the memory card fill up very, very quickly.

Moving on to the essentials, here are the recordings, after which it will be time to wrap up:

Navitel MR450 GPS NV test – summary

The quality of the recordings shows that the Navitel MR450 GPS NV presents the expected level of quality for a video recorder recording in Full HD. During the day, there is no need to think about capturing the license plates of cars rushing from the opposite direction, even in built-up areas, and after dark, these are only visible when the cars are parked or in traffic. It hurts a bit that the manufacturer at this price did not take care of the 2K resolution of the main module, e.g. by lowering the quality of the rear camera to 720p in order to drop it on the camera level, mainly for the parking mode.

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Unfortunately, it is expensive equipment, because it costs 600 zlotys on the day of writing this test. This is the price for which we can equip ourselves with a solid video recorder with the option of recording in 4K, the software of which will make a bit more sense (see 70mai A400), because the project itself will force us to use it through budget cuts. However, Navitel still approaches its equipment in a traditional way and it must be appreciated in a way.

Especially since the MR450 GPS NV is a piece of a good video recorder that provides the parking assistant function, great workmanship and design with a touch display integrated in the mirror. Additions like a Wi-Fi module and a much more useful GPS are just the icing on the cake, for many unnecessary additions, so in the end it hurts the most that at this price the manufacturer did not try to reach for a higher resolution.

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