New 555-megawatt solar farms on the water will help us in the climate battle

New 555-megawatt solar farms on the water will help us in the climate battle

SolarDuck and Pondera are two active solar farm companies that have joined forces to provide the world with access to renewable energy. This will be helped by new 555-megawatt solar farms that will not occupy even a scrap of land, because they will operate entirely on water (via Interesting Engineering).

The joint work of both of these companies aims to develop new designs for floating solar panel platforms in 2023-2025. The first will be located in the Netherlands, but the future ones will visit Southeast Asia. This is important because this approach gives priority to those cities and areas that, despite good sunlight, cannot go crazy with solar panels due to the lack of land for this type of installation.

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555-megawatt solar farms open up great opportunities for coastal states

This project will solve this by offering power plants to be set up directly on the water. By 2023, both companies intend to develop floating solar panels with a peak power of 5 MW. They then give themselves two years to raise this value to the level of 555 MW and in fact they have already started looking for ideal locations for this type of installations. Coastal towns, where there is simply a shortage of land, will certainly benefit from this.

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As for the strength of the solar panel platforms on the water, we can rest easy, because now those from SolarDuck can withstand the worst conditions at sea, including winds with the strength of a hurricane. However, they are able to meet even greater challenges after appropriate optimization.