New Age. The world capital will be the epicenter of cryptocurrencies, the mayor will be paid in bitcoins

A new mayor was elected in New York 3 weeks ago. Among the candidates, former police captain Eric Adams eventually won, who already included plans with cryptocurrencies in his election promises.

He allegedly wants to turn the city into a cryptocurrency center and himself asked for the first three payments to be made to him in bitcoin, he informs. The Verge. These plans are followed by Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami.

New York wants to become a center of cryptocurrencies

While in some countries of the world cryptocurrencies are still perceived as a threat to the financial system, in other corners they see huge potential in this currency.

The contrast between China and the USA is also very large in this respect. While such China vehemently fights against cryptocurrencies and seeks to stop them by force, even though it distributes its own digital yuan to people, it welcomes more and more cities and states of cryptocurrencies with open arms.

A big “hello” was also made by the aforementioned mayor of Miami, who recently stated that he wanted to get the city employees paid in bitcoin. “We want to be on the next wave of innovation, “He said according to The New York Times Suarez. He even wants to promote his own cryptocurrency MiamiCoin in the city.

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In addition to this city, New York is heading in a similar direction with a new mayor at the helm who, even after the election, still plans to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. In addition to three bitcoin payments, the mayor of New York wants to make his city a center of cryptocurrencies and other modern innovative technologies.


With these reports, he sent a clear message to the inhabitants of the city, but also to the whole world, about the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, although in part it may also be a kind of “childish” duel with his mayoral rival from Miami. It was to this city that the project was recently relocated from New York, and El Salvador also announced the public acceptance of the bitcoin during the Miami conference.

So lately, it looks like America has dramatically changed its approach to cryptocurrencies. From condemning and fighting them, she began to take steps that are slowly clearing the way for cryptocurrencies. This is also evidenced by the recent announcement by the Securities and Exchange Commission on the entry of the first tradable ETF fund focused on bitcoin futures, informs CNBC.

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When others fight for cryptocurrencies, Slovakia taxes them at extreme rates

However, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world varies, and it is still true that many countries are skeptical of them, albeit slowly shining for better times. The cryptocurrencies have undergone enormous development in the last 4 years and today they are perceived in a different light by the governments themselves.

And although there is a tendency to support cryptocurrencies in the USA, we probably will not hear such reports in Slovakia for a long time to come. After all, this is evidenced by the fact that the tax on cryptocurrencies in our country reaches one of the highest levels in the entire European Union, and it seems that this will not change in the near future.

In a statement for the editorial office, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic refuted the statements of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and stated that it does not anticipate any changes in the principles of cryptocurrency taxation in Slovakia or the EU. We dealt with this topic in detail in a separate article.

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