New Antminer Z11 Preview: Power, Comparison

When you read the announcements of new ASICs, one involuntarily recalls the once popular “March of the Aviators”. “Higher and higher and higher” mining machine hash rate soars. And prospectors, in anticipation of profits, line up for new rigs.

Perhaps the black stripe with the inscription SOLD OUT (Sold) in the right corner of the bitmain antminer z11 icon on the official website is just a marketing ploy by the manufacturer. And the fact that the famous crypto exchange Binance added trading pairs with the Zhash coin is not at all a coincidence, but part of a well-thought-out business plan.

Nevertheless, bitmain antminer z11 is a highly productive device for industrial mining on the Equihash algorithm. And even in this difficult time for the cryptocurrency market, buying antminer z11 from bitmain is a profitable investment.

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Comparison and characteristics of Antminer Z11

Why is this miracle of Chinese engineers ASIC z11 so unique, the characteristics of which are an order of magnitude higher than those of its predecessors? z9 и z9 mini… The miner is assembled on chips of 12 nm technical process, and if we compare the z9 and z11, the new model is three times more profitable than its colleagues. Here are the detailed characteristics of the bitmain antminer z11, taken from the service manual of the device.

Algorithm EquiHash
Hashrate 135 KSol /s
Power 1418W
Energy efficiency (at 25 ° C) 10.50 J / KSol 10,50 J/KSol
Number of hash chips 9
Number of hash cards 3
Internet connection RJ45 Ethernet 10 / 100M
Size (Length / Width / Height mm) 242 /134/302
Net weight, kg 5,40
Noise, dB at 25 ° C 70
Ambient temperature (operation) 0/40 ° C
Storage temperature -40 / 75 ° C

The dimensions, weight and operating temperature of the antminer z11 are about the same as those of the z9. Electricity consumption of the new miner is 30% higher compared to the previous miner. But at the same time, the z11 has a hashing speed 3 times higher than that of the ninth line, which makes it one of the best ASICs for mining coins on the Equihash algorithm.

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Where to buy and how much does it cost

If you want to buy an asic antminer Z11 in Moscow, then you will have to make a preliminary order. Estimated delivery time is the first half of May. The price of asic antminer Z11 from an authorized dealer is 109,000 rubles. At the same time, the kit does not include a power supply; it can be purchased separately for 5900 rubles.

How to connect and configure, manual

Let’s say you have already become the proud owner of a new rig for zikesh mining. But, to start earning, you need to configure antminer Z11. Detailed instructions are in the manual on the manufacturer’s website. You can download, translate from English and read it personally, or read the article to the end. Configuring antminer Z11 begins with connecting the power supply.

  1. On the top cover of ASIK, closer to the rear grill, there is a lock button. Drown it and remove the top cover by sliding it forward towards the fans.
  2. Make the connections as shown in the figure, place the wires in the U-hole and put the cover back.
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Let’s move on to the next step in configuring antminer Z11.

  1. Download the utility to find IP at:
  2. Unpack and open as an administrator IPReporter on your PC.
  3. Select the “Default” mode for one ASIC, or any of the three (Shelf, Step, Position) others, for a farm of several miners.
  4. Click Start and click IPReport Pushbutton on the back control panel of ASIK. Hold the button until you hear a beep.
  5. Copy the received IP address to the top line of the browser and open the miner management interface with the name and password “root».
  6. To use a DHCP IP address, enter it in the appropriate column of the Network section (optional).

The next step is to configure the connection to the mountain pool.

  1. Go to the Miner Configuration tab
  2. Enter:
  • Pool address.
  • Miner ID.
  • Password.

You can register three services in the configuration settings. The miner will automatically switch to the next address in the list if the priority pool is unavailable.

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Click on Save & Apply and reboot. Production will start in 5-10 minutes, sometimes it takes half an hour to display statistics. You can control the miner’s work in the tab Miner Status… The interface displays the following data.

  • ASIC# – The number of chips found in the chain.
  • Frequency – Working frequency.
  • GH/S(RT) – Hash rate of each board (GH / s).
  • Temp(PCB) – Temperature of each board (° C). (Only applicable for official overclocking).
  • Temp (Chip) – Temperature of the chips on each board (° C).
  • ASIC status values
  • ABOUT – All OK
  • X – indicates an error
  • (- -) indicates a failure

At 80 ° C board temperature, overheating protection is triggered. ASIK stops production and a message appears: Fatal error: Temperature is too high!

The firmware of the ASIC miner z11 device is performed in the Upgrade tab.

  1. To save the settings of the pools, the checkbox in the Keep Settings column is selected, if you do not want to save the settings, uncheck the box.
  2. In the Image column, click the button with the hieroglyphs and navigate to the update file. Select the update file, then click Flash image, next to the green indicator. If new firmware is available, the indicator will flash.
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After the firmware of the device is completed, the following message appears:

Choose one of the following options:

  • Reboot – reboot the miner with a new firmware.
  • Go Back – continue mining with the current firmware. The new software will start working after reboot.

You can check the firmware version in the Overview tab.

To change the password for entering the management interface:

  • Navigate to System / Administration.
  • Enter the default password.
  • Enter and confirm the new password.
  • Click Save & Apply.

To reset ASIK settings:

  • Start the device and let it run for 5 minutes.
  • On the front of the controller, press and hold Reset for 10 seconds.

This concludes the instructions for configuring antminer Z11.

It goes without saying that while this ASIK is still on the factory conveyor, there is no need to talk about any custom firmware or ways to improve overclocking. But give a time, folk craftsmen will figure out whether it is possible to further increase the profit of this mining device.

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Positive and negative qualities of Z11

Build quality Necessity of pre-order
Payback speed No power supply included
Easy to set up Difficult to use for home mining

If you order immediately from regional representatives, you will have to wait at least a month. Involuntarily, the old story with antminer D3… But any business is associated with a certain risk. And it’s hard to believe that all Equihash coins available for Z11 will have a dramatic increase in difficulty or a drop in price. But nothing can be done about the increased noise, you need to place it away from living quarters.

Calculation of payback and profitability

Let’s move on to the main question, what is the daily profitability of the Z11 counterminer? Whattomine calculator has already included the Z11 in the list of supported devices. Go to the Miners tab, change the cost of electrics based on your regional tariff and look at the daily profit figure of the anti-miner Z11.

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At six US cents per kilowatt, the ASIC brings the owner $ 16.55, with a payback period of approximately 3 months. A very good indicator, especially given the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

Conclusion, if you have the conditions for placement, you can call and order the Z11 antminer, its profitability per day is quite acceptable. The whattomine calculator is the best profitability calculator and you can trust it. In addition, many pools have built-in profitability calculators, you can double-check the readings. And if you start mining, it is better not to rush to transfer cryptocurrency to fiat, the prices are not yet the same. However, this is a personal matter for everyone. Happy Mining!

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