New exchange reward system, Community PoS mining

Community PoS mining is a promising way to generate additional income, subject to low connection costs and a large number of additional benefits. To receive income, a miner needs to have any number of Bitbon tokens in his wallet (Assetbox). But to increase income – develop the social connections of your pool. A mining pool is several electronic wallets combined into a structure. But first things first.

The main idea behind Community PoS mining is to organize a community of miners. Accordingly, the larger the mining pool is formed by the miner, that is, the larger the structure of the pool’s social connections, the greater the amount of remuneration it will receive.

The amount of the reward depends on two main parameters of mining: basic and social capacities. The base power is the balance of tokens on the main wallet and on those wallets that are directly connected to it (1st line of the mining pool). Social power – the balance of all wallets that are connected to the first, second, etc. wallets. lines.

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In order to participate in mining, the user needs to have a certain amount of Bitbon tokens on the main balance and connect his wallet to the wallet of the user who is already involved in mining. You can buy tokens from other users on the Bit Trade service.

The developer of this progressive algorithm is the international IT company Simcord.

When do miners get rewarded?

cpos algorithm

Once every 72 hours, each miner receives a reward from the Mining Fund to his wallet. A transaction with a reward must be accepted within 30 days, otherwise the reward will be returned to the Mining Fund.

How to increase mining rewards?

As we wrote above, two parameters affect the amount of remuneration: basic and social power. Accordingly, by increasing the number of tokens on their wallet and attracting new users, miners can increase the size of their guaranteed profit.

What helps a miner keep track of statistics and rewards?

In order for each miner to be able to monitor mining statistics and reward accruals, a number of tools have been developed:

  1. The miner’s dashboard helps you analyze your mining pool for optimal management.
  2. The miner’s calculator allows you to predict the size of the reward, according to the parameters specified by the user.
  3. Adviser Bot is a bot based on the Telegram messenger that informs users about all events in the mining pool.
  4. In the near future, an application for modeling pools will be implemented, which will allow you to choose the most optimal option for building a mining pool.
    What is special about the token?
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Miners are rewarded in Bitbon tokens. In the future, in addition to participating in mining, all users of the Bitbon System will also be able to participate in collective investment in projects and receive dividends in accordance with the conditions that will be specified in the contract. In addition, users will also be able to digitize any of their property and conduct transactions without intermediaries.

As a result, miners can not only be guaranteed to receive a reward every 72 hours, but also become part of the digital ecosystem of the future!

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(New exchange reward system, Community PoS mining