New information about Intel’s HEDT. Sapphire Rapids-X in question

New information about Intel's HEDT.  Sapphire Rapids-X in question

Intel currently sells its consumer HEDT solutions in the form of the Glacier Falls platform and 10th generation Cascade Lake-X processors. We’ve heard a lot about the successors so far, with the information that they will never really be made, but the material from the Moore’s Law is Dead channel provides us with completely new information about Intel’s HEDT.

According to the latest information, Intel HEDT processors are being developed and will be divided into two families as part of the Xeon Workstation

Much of the information in this video that the developer received from his sources contradicts each other and even mentions that Intel’s HEDT platforms will be abandoned for good. However, more unofficial reports indicate that the Sapphire Rapids-X will not be created, because Intel will simply change their name and begin to include it in the Xeon Workstation family in the form of mid-range models with up to 12 cores.

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According to the latest information, Sapphire Rapids will split into two platforms, one of which is to be the spiritual successor to the current Cascade Lake-X. It will include processors based on other silicon cores (with a maximum of 36 cores), with a TDP level of 300 W, supporting 8-channel or 4-channel DDR5 memory and 64 PCIe 5.0 lines.

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More efficient models will replace Ice Lake-X. They are to offer up to 56 cores, support for 8-channel DDR5-4400 or 4-channel DDR5-4800. Their TDP is to be 350 W, and the number of available PCIe 5.0 lines is 112.