new open box with military inspiration

new open box with military inspiration

The new one open box Thermaltake AH T600 has a clear military atmosphere. Its front part clearly remembers the nose and cockpit of certain attack helicopters of several nations. Even the manufacturer recognizes such military inspiration when designing the box.

Mind you, the AH T600 is not a precisely small box in dimensions. It has a height of 628 mm, a width of 337 mm, with a depth of 763 mm. This means that inside we can install large hardware:

  • Graph: up to 440 mm if you don't put a water pump; 300 mm otherwise.
  • Heatsink: up to 195 mm high.
  • Source power: up to 200 mm in length.
  • Motherboard: up to E-ATX format with 266 mm width.

The support for the motherboard can accommodate up to 8 expansion cards. Something quite usual when it comes to motherboards in E-ATX format.

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The «Windows» decorative that form the front of the box are formed by three sheets of tempered glass. Whose thickness is less than the two side covers of the box. In the first case, that tempered glass is 3 mm thick. While, in the second case, the thickness of the glass is 5 mm.

Up to 10 fans we can install in the Thermaltake AH T600

Although it is an open design box, Thermaltake has wanted to ensure that the AH T600 has good ventilation. Therefore, in the box, its users will be able to install up to a total of 10 fans, distributed as follows:

  • Frontal: up to 4 fans of 120 mm or 3 of 140 mm.
  • The ceiling: up to 3 fans of 120 mm or 2 of 140 mm.
  • Right side: up to 3 fans of 120 mm or 2 of 140 mm.

This opens the doors a lot when creating liquid cooling circuits for users. Since it allows the installation of the following radiators:

  • Frontal: a radiator of 480 mm or 420 mm.
  • The ceiling: one of 360 mm or 280 mm.
  • Side right: one of 360 mm or 280 mm.
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As you have been able to see by the images that we have put in this article, the AH T600 will be manufactured only in two colors: black or white. And, although the manufacturer does not declare the weight Total of this new box, if we know that its structure will be made of SPCC steel. Which means that the box is not going to be especially light.

The I / O of this full tower box for two USB 3.0 ports, plus another USB 2.0 port and a USB type C. It will also have a mini jack connector to which we can connect our headphones and microphone.

As for the bays for units of storage, The box will have two for 3.5-inch units, and two for 2.5-inch units.

Thermaltake has not disclosed the price that the box will have when it goes on sale. We only know that this will happen during the first quarter of 2020, with a 3 year warranty.

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