Nextbase video recorders in Poland. The company made its national debut on the Vistula River

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The Nextbase company has already officially visited the Vistula River and started offering its video recorders, which, at least according to the producer himself, are innovative. However, it must be admitted that the Emergency SOS function integrated in most of them can save many lives, so on paper the equipment looks great.

Nextbase in Poland, i.e. unique high-end video recorders already in our stores

British Nextbase has come to Poland with its latest family of video recorders, which includes six models. These can already be purchased in the MediaMarkt, MediaExpert, Komputronik, X-kom, Allegro stores and from selected trading partners at the suggested prices:

  • 122HD – PLN 299
  • 222 – 399 PLN
  • 322GW – 599 PLN
  • 422GW – 799 PLN
  • 522GW – 899 PLN
  • 622GW – PLN 1,199

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So the most advanced models are very expensive, but there are several reasons for this. All of them have an intelligent parking mode, while models with the GW designation are equipped with GPS and WiFi modules. The manufacturer also took care of the AutoSync functions for sending secured recordings via Bluetooth to a smartphone (for which the MyNextbase application is provided) or the built-in support of the Amazon Alexa assistant.

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This, in turn, is the comparison of the models with each other and, what can I say, the most expensive Nextbase 622GW video recorder impresses here with its functions and the possibility of recording in 4K and 30 FPS. The problem is that when it comes to the quality of recordings on paper, it ranks more than two times worse than other models. Maybe it is worth this amount, because it knocks with practical possibilities? We will find out only when independent tests appear.