NOVOO 6 in 1 test, i.e. an adapter with a charging function

NOVOO 6 in 1 test, i.e. an adapter with a charging function

In the era of miniaturization and minimization, adapters that extend the capabilities of miniPCs or laptops are always included in the price. Especially from the moment when USB-C with good specifications began to appear in these devices regularly. A great example of this is the NOVOO 6 in 1 adapter, available for $ 33.99, but you have to hunt for it, because it is difficult to catch at a good price, and in stores in Poland it can be a challenge. However, is it worth being interested in at all?

First moments with NOVOO 6 in 1

The plain cardboard packaging used for this adapter is definitely designed to be pleasing to the eye. The gray-orange design with white inscriptions immediately catches our eyes with the most important features of the product and … it reveals the inaccuracy of the company in the description, where the justification looks wrong and the lack of spaces after the circle’s commas in the eyes.

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However, we learn from it what is most important – the number and type of connectors and the very possibilities. More about them can be found in the instruction manual.

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Fortunately, the errors in the text itself, which heralded the failure, are not continued in what is most important, the NOVOO 6 in 1 adapter. Surrounding the HDMI port and the output of a short, 9.2 cm USB-C cable in a rubber casing with appropriate sleeves both at the housing and the port itself, which was also made of gray aluminum. The whole thing is decorated only with the name of the manufacturer and its logo on the body and the USB-C plug itself.

It is a simple device weighing only 54 grams and dimensions of 11.22 x 2.98 x 1.14 cm, but well thought-out and definitely solid, which is emphasized not only by the hard casing, but also the lack of “flying” internal elements, any creaking or bending of the material when pressure is applied to it. So I will finish the description of the elements described on the housing, which include two USB-A ports, an SD and TF / microSD card reader, USB-C and a single HDMI output. This is accompanied by a simple function LED that lights up immediately after connection. In addition, the adapter does not heat up too much under load.

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The NOVOO 6 in 1 adapter in practice

After connecting NOVOO 6 in 1 to the appropriate port on a laptop, computer or smartphone, we get access to a number of possibilities. The set of ports allows video transfer in 4K (3840 x 2160) and 30 FPS, thanks HDMI 1.4, connecting two flash drives, mice or keyboards to two full-fledged USB 3.1 with 5 Gb / s transfer and reading / writing data on memory cards, thanks to the appropriate slots. I left the most interesting for the end, because it comes down to the USB-C port, which functions here as PD 3.0 / 2.0 (Power Delivery), up to 60 watts (up to 20V / 3A). This means that this adapter can also act as a charger after connecting to this port with power from the network.

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As part of the tests, I spent several days of work with NOVOO 6 in 1, in which the adapter not only made it easier for me to juggle between microSD cards, but also allowed me to use a third monitor for which I missed the HDMI port in the card and free the back panel of the computer from two USB ports – AND. Even after connecting as much as possible, NOVOO 6 in 1 did not catch the hiccups, did not disconnect the mouse, monitor and even more so did not cause delays at the screen-keyboard / mouse level. So it worked perfectly.

MicroSD card reading test

NOVOO 6 in 1 test – summary

Elegant, solid and well-made, simple and eye-catching at the same time, although not diverting attention from the most important thing, i.e. work. The NOVOO 6 in 1 adapter is one of those accessories for a laptop or computer that we are often forced to use for various reasons.

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It is also a great gadget when we often change equipment, jumping between home, work and university computers / laptops, where, due to the variety of ports, this type of adapter is often a lockpick to get around problematic doors. Especially since you can buy it really cheaply (you can see the auction from the day of writing this test above) if you search well. Normally, however, you will officially buy it for $ 33.99, or PLN 135, although with the AEPROMO code you will drop it at $ 22.6.

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