Now there will be Ray Tracing in the Samsung Galaxy S and A 2022 –

If they told us this 2 or 3 years ago we would have laughed, but everything can be in this world, as now there will be Ray Tracing in the Samsung Galaxy S and A 2022, making the jump to 5 nanometers in the high-end

Today we have found out through the Weibo website, that both AMD and Samsung have teamed up to bring Radeon graphics to some mobiles. Specifically, the next-generation Samsung Exynos model, with an internal design of System on a Chip, it will be the one with RDNA2 graphics with the code name Voyager.

The official account of Samsung Exynos He also confirmed that the Samsung Exynos will also support Ray Tracing technology. According to the specifications, the gpu RDNA 2 Exynos would have 384 Stream processors. this translates into 6 computational units.

The Exynos, codenamed “Pamir”, will carry inside an 8-core chip that will be divided as follows: a maximum performance ARM Cortex-X1 core (at 2.9 GHz), three Cortex-A78 cores ( 2.8 GHz) high-performance quad-core Cortex-A55 (2.2 GHz) cluster – Energy efficient cluster.

For this reason, Samsung is aware that there is a large part of the world population that plays a lot with mobile phones, and the graphics processing unit will be an important part there.

Although we are now going to expose the image, Samsung advises that it is for reference only (taken from a stock of images online).